Skygarden 1-2 Safety Kit Rusty Brown PF

Skygarden 1-2 Safety Kit Rusty Brown PF

Skygarden 1-2 Safety Kit Rusty Brown PF

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We have received some complaints about a malfunction of the halogen version of the Skygarden 1 and Skygarden 2 Pendant Lamps, manufactured since 2007, which may derive from a possible fault in the terminal of the mechanical device used to bear the weight of the lamp. In extremely rare cases this defect might lead to the buckling of the lamp suspension system.


Although very few cases have been reported, and absolutely no damage has been caused to consumers, safety has always been a top priority for FLOS. For customers that have purchased these models in the period going from 2007 to 2015, we have prepared a simple safety kit that can easily be mounted on these lamps by qualified technicians. We accordingly invite our customers to contact their nearest authorized FLOS retailer to receive the information needed to obtain the safety kit, absolutely free of charge (assembly instructions can be downloaded here). For further information, please call 888.952.9541 or email:

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