Press Release - Sanlorenzo Yachts Designs by Piero Lissoni

While yacht designs have been traditionally thought to be functional in nature owing to their small sizes, here is one architect and designer who is turning the tides for the iconic Italian shipbuilder, Sanlorenzo. As the newly-appointed art director of the 60-year-old firm, Piero Lissoni is breaking down the walls of convention to give Sanlorenzo’s creations a classic-yet-contemporary makeover. Among the latest models that he has designed are the SX76 and SX88, two yachts that are characterized by Lissoni’s love for open spaces, chic furniture, massive windows and unmistakable lighting pieces by FLOS. Sanlorenzo’s drive to modernize and Lissoni’s unparrelled inputs have ushered in a new age sustainability and elegance for the company.

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