IC Lights Outdoor Wall Sconce

IC Lights Outdoor Wall Sconces

IC Lights Outdoor Wall Sconce

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The IC Lights Outdoor collection has expanded to include two sizes of ceiling and wall sconces, CW1 and CW2. Michael Anastassiades’ IC Lights series is a study in balance, now with technological engineering suitable for weathered environments. The frame in brushed stainless steel, brushed brass finish or painted opaque black or red burgundy. The structure of the fitting is treated with a chemical conversion process for effective resistance to atmospheric agents. Opalescent diffuser in shiny white translucent blown glass.
The light comes with seals for IP-rated connection.
Inspiration behind the design: “I remember watching a short film about a juggler, Tony Duncan, rolling a set of spheres in the palm of his hands and up on his arms. There were moments when the spheres would seem perfectly still, on the edge of his fingers. Only if you looked very closely could you see them spinning around to achieve the balance. Then I came across the old photographs of Paul Cinquevalli, capturing a moment in the art of contact juggling.” - Michael Anastassiades
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  • Mounting

    Wall and Ceiling

  • Environment

    Outdoor - Wet location

  • Finish

    Black, Brass, Red Burgundy, Deep Brown, Stainless Steel

  • Dimmable


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  • Construction Material

    Blown Glass, Steel, Real Stone

  • Switching

    Dimmer Included

  • Voltage


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    A stunning composition of light and balance, this creation from Michael Anastassiades is striking in its simplicity.

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