Wall & Ceiling Lights

Wall and Ceiling Lamps 

With a nod to the iconic style of the past and an eye on an innovative future, FLOS has been setting the standard for lighting design since 1962. 

Crafted by world-renowned artists, our Wall & Ceiling Light Collection features intuitive designs made with revolutionary materials, resulting in pieces that are remarkably durable, highly functional, and brilliantly crafted.

Wall and ceiling light fixtures are a stunning source of ambient illumination, merging both seamless functionality and artful craft. Modern ceiling lights can double as a room’s centerpiece—a focal point that brings a decorative touch to a residence or office—or serve a utilitarian purpose as a streamlined light source in any project. Meanwhile, modern wall lights for the living room or wall sconces provide subtle accent lighting and are ideal for highlighting interior features like walls, curtains, and art.

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Mixed lighting, a combination of uplighting and downlighting, is a popular method of brightening a frequently used space like a kitchen or living room. Both wall and ceiling fixtures can work in tandem to offer multiple layers of illumination and make a space comfortable and livable. 

Types of wall and ceiling lights 

When it comes to wall and ceiling fixtures, there is no shortage of choices that one can find. FLOS offers a full suite of styles, including pendants, chandeliers, flush- and semi-flush mount lights, bedside sconces, and recessed lighting. FLOS features a wide-range of modern wall light fixtures from design luminaries like Antonio Citterio, Ron Gilad and Tobia Scarpa. The line features perfectly simple orbs, bars, and discs that stand out for their striking geometries and use of high-quality metals and polycarbonates. Also available are standout fixtures that incorporate modern patterns and unusual materials for a bolder statement. 

Installing wall and ceiling lights requires affixing an electrical box to drywall and connecting the cable to a light switch. Note that it is recommended that you hang sconces at a height of 60 to 72 inches above the floor. 

Choosing the right wall & ceiling lighting 

When choosing the right ceiling light, it’s important to consider all possibilities. Recessed lights are a great choice for spaces with low ceilings, as they are installed into the surface and do not take up any space below it. Flush mount lamps are affixed directly to the ceiling, while semi-flush mount lights, which hang down from a stem, make the most visible design statement. Depending on the layout and style of the room, each type is a wonderful source of general lighting. 

Similarly, contemporary ceiling lights or wall sconces come in many varieties. Casting soft, even light, flush-mount fixtures are the subtlest way to illuminate an area or feature. The style offers many different looks, with shapes and finishes creating a unique appearance that can range from bold and arresting to minimalist and unobtrusive. 

Shop the FLOS wall and ceiling lighting collection for a rich selection of designs and bestsellers that are appropriate for many interior styles. 

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