Bellhop Matte Black Table Lamp - Special Edition

Bellhop Matte Black Table Lamp - Special Edition

Bellhop Matte Black Table Lamp - Special Edition

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Flos introduces Bellhop Matte Black. The special edition is a sophisticated take on the portable LED lamp, a new iteration and totem of modernity.

The color is a result of deep study into its recurring presence throughout the history of art, fashion, and design. The matte finish imbues a soft, tactile expression to this wireless lamp.

Portable, rechargeable and wireless, Bellhop is a sleek modern LED tabletop lamp. Originally designed by renowned designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the London Design Museum. Made for the twenty-first century, Bellhop charges via a micro USB-C and holds a charge for up to 24 hours. Portable and elegant, Bellhop functions like a modern day candle by providing a soft atmospheric pool of light.

British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby pay homage to the hatted hotel porter, where it gets its name from.

Features: Push-button switch positioned on the base provides the 4-step dimmer function. Battery status indicator positioned under the base. USB-C charging cable included. USB battery charging on plug with universal plugs. Remains charged up to 24 hours after fully charging the battery.

Inspiration behind the design: Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Bellhop is a portable tabletop lamp that evokes the spirit of a modern day candle. The beloved, cordless tabletop can be carried around anywhere, bringing light where it is needed the most, casting a pool of direct light wherever it goes.

"The Bellhop began when we designed a table lamp for the new London Design Museum. The table top Bellhop gives the user ultimate flexibility as a portable lamp. Bellhop casts an atmospheric pool of light and the portable version is like a modern day candle."


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    LED 2.5W 2700K CRI90 250lm

  • Mounting

    Table Top

  • Environment

    Indoor - Dry Location

  • Finish

    Matte Black

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  • Weight (lbs)

    1.61 lbs

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    The collaboration between two legendary designers yields a modern day icon.

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