Table Lamps

Blending artistic sensibilities with inspired functionality, the FLOS table lamp collection is a versatile offering from the world’s most talented designers.

Modern table lamps are a classic option that are used widely to bring a layer of light to interior projects. Table lamps are an effective choice for spots where tasks like reading take place. Often specified for their visual appeal, these fixtures also offer an interesting decorative element that adds personality. Whether a sleek design on a minimalist desk or an ornate piece that joins a collection of unique objects on a console, table lamps are an extremely versatile light source for contemporary spaces.

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FLOS has amazing collections of modern table lamps, more traditional Italian-style table lamps LED table lamps and unusual designer desk lamp. 

Understanding modern table lamps 

Depending on the design of the table lamp, it can either serve as an effective direct light or a source of diffused light. This distinction depends on the shade’s shape and material. Tasks lights often have simple bar or angled designs that allow the user to adjust the direction that the light points. Meanwhile, models with cylindrical shades or globe forms cast general light that is both useful for activity and also contributes to the overall brightness of the surrounding area. 

Table lamps are typically comprised of a base, stem, shade, and bulb, but there are myriad interpretations of this form, ranging from portable lanterns and sculptural reflectors to elegant orbs. FLOS offers selections that utilize a full suite of materials, including metal, polycarbonate, fabric, and marble. The variety of products means that anyone can find a table lamp style that will meet their needs and complement their taste.

Where table lamps can be used 

Often placed on side tables, consoles, bedside tables, and eating surfaces, these versatile options are a fixture in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, lobbies, and dining areas—anywhere that could benefit from a mix of direct and diffused lighting. Modern bedside table lamps are particularly easy to install, these small fixtures are more portable than other light styles and can be rearranged throughout a project.

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