Pendant Lights

FLOS pendant light collection represents a versatile range of designer lamps that blend smart function with striking splendor to add poetic beauty to your space. 

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Designer pendant lights are a focal point in modern interiors. Unique fixtures offer an instantly eye-catching upgrade to kitchens, dining rooms, offices, and more. Providing both ambient and direct light, hanging lamps are both a decorative feature and a useful source of light that illuminate key spaces where work, cooking, socializing, and more take place. 

Suspended ceiling lights also allow versatility in terms of decorating options, as they can be installed as a single fixture or grouped in a row to brighten a larger area. Plus, there is a wide range of styles available, from statement-making modern hanging light designs to simple, unobtrusive luminaries. The flexibility of modern pendant lighting has made the product a go-to choice for designers and a staple in residential and commercial projects alike. 

Understanding pendant lighting 

Hanging lights have been a fixture in interior design for centuries. While elaborate chandeliers have long been in vogue, simpler pendant lights have emerged as an extremely popular alternative. Requiring only a bulb and a shade suspended from the ceiling, these light fixtures are versatile and suited for a large number of applications. Pendants are also easy to install—doing so simply requires connecting a mounting bracket to a junction box in the ceiling. 

As modern pendant lights have surged in popularity, their aesthetic possibilities have continued to grow. Suspended lamps are available in many styles, shapes, and finishes. From large domes and elaborate shades to small clusters or simple bulbs, pendants offer numerous options that work for both contemporary and classic interiors. Contemporary hanging lights can be made of metal, glass, polycarbonate, and more, and come in a full range of sizes. Endless design selections mean that there is a pendant style for everyone. 

Stylish and decorative hanging lights collections like Aim lights, Skygarden lights and Glo-ball lights will blow your mind. 

Where pendant lights are used 

Modern pendant light fixtures are a natural choice for residential and commercial projects. Hanging fixtures are perfect to put above spots like countertops, dining tables, or desks, where direct lighting is needed to prepare a meal, enjoy dinner, or get work done. Additionally, they can be installed in bedrooms, corridors, and entryways, where they will brighten a space with an ambient glow and create a striking point of interest. 

FLOS offers a diverse modern pendant lighting collection with pieces by world-renowned designers. Shop contemporary pendant lights that include iconic, bestselling designs and beautifully-crafted fixtures that boast superior performance. 

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