Outdoor Lighting

Modern Outdoor & Exterior Lighting Fixtures

The FLOS outdoor lighting collection is an array of products by the masters of design. Technically perfect, these lamps symbolize a unity between imagination and functionality. 

Many of our outdoor lamps have become classic references to excellence in the design industry.Find beautiful contemporary outdoor lighting to illuminate your porch, lakeside, garden and other outdoor spaces without interfering with the simple splendor of natural light.

Exterior lighting is an essential way to illuminate outdoor spaces, making them more inviting and safe for use. Just as interior areas need multiple sources of light to create a warm, welcoming environment, so too do patios, pathways, porches, gardens, and pool decks. Along with their aesthetic appeal, outdoor light fixtures also make it possible to enjoy these areas at different times of day. Artificial fixtures beautifully complement natural light to create striking outdoor rooms and landscapes. Floor lamps, pendant lights, wall sconces, and pathway fixtures can be used in various configurations to greatly expand the functionality and artistry of exterior spaces.

Outdoor Contemporary Lighting Features

FLOS offers one-of-a-kind designer fixtures that prove that exterior lighting can meet the same aesthetic standards as indoor products. Striking geometries and textural lamp shades bring the quality which FLOS is known for outside. Designers like Philippe Starck, Tim Derhaag, Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi have created mesmerizing exterior lights. At the same time, these products are made with some of the most durable materials in the market; the outdoor-rated offerings are dust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and watertight, so they can withstand the elements and will last.

Modern outdoor lighting options

Suited for countless spaces, outdoor lighting comes in different configurations that can be customized to meet the needs of a project. Pendants and chandeliers are perfect for covered porches and kitchens, wall sconces can be used to illuminate walls, columns, or pergolas, and floor lamps are useful for brightening outdoor seating and dining areas. Additionally, pathway lights are necessary to illuminate walkways at night, as well as to enhance landscape features. Along with making outdoor spaces more comfortable for use and easier to navigate, exterior lights are also a common security feature that many use to deter intruders. 

Installing exterior lights requires running a voltage line from an outdoor outlet to the area that needs illumination. It’s important that you call your utility, telephone, and cable companies to confirm the location of underground lines before you start digging trenches for cables. Additionally, installers should be careful to make sure their fixtures won’t cast unwanted light on the neighbors, and to choose warm lights over white and blue hues that could make it harder for someone near the source to fall asleep.

Space utilization

Using a mix of different lighting styles often provides the best coverage for outdoor spaces. Accent lights like pathway fixtures, spotlights, and wall sconces can draw attention to certain areas, plants, or architectural features in gardens and entrance zones, while floor lamps, pendants, and chandeliers create general lighting for key areas like patios and porches. These categories are often joined with high-intensity flood lights that are used for safety and security. All outdoor products can be programmed to operate according to motion sensors and timers, making it easy to keep an exterior well-lit at optimal times. 

Shop contemporary outdoor light fixtures by FLOS to find a collection of bestsellers that blends modern aesthetics and unmatched durability. 

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