Floor Lamps

The FLOS floor lamp collection offers eclectic and award-winning selections that blend smart innovation with the highest standards of design. Featuring creations by Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Marcel Wanders, and more, these modern floor lamps add poetry to every room that they illuminate. 

Floor lamps are the perfect choice to illuminate a dedicated work area and cast general lighting around a room. Modern standing lamps help highlight a focal point in a space, whether a reading nook or worktop, while also creating a zone of warm, ambient light. Unique floor lights also double as a bold decor statement, complementing an interior’s furniture, art, and material palette as an eye-catching finishing touch.

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Typically defined by their shade, standing-height stem, and base with a power cord, contemporary floor lamps come in numerous materials and shapes. Depending on the particular features of the lamp, the fixture may be optimized to provide ambient lighting, directed lighting, or uplighting.

Characterized by bold aesthetics and versatility, modern floor lamps are a favorite for designers and consumers. The products offer an opportunity to add dimension and interest to a space by brightening up an area within a room. Standing lamps also reduce the need for harsh overheard lighting as they contribute a layer of soft illumination that can be further augmented by accent lights. Though they cast a wide glow, therefore working well as ambient or mood lighting, floor lamps are also essential sources of task lighting. Adjustable fixtures give users the opportunity to position the shade or stem so that the light suits their needs in the moment. 

The FLOS floor lamp collection includes a range of options from celebrated designers that suit a variety of needs. From the 1962 Arco lamp, a beloved classic by Achille Castiglioni, to contemporary icons from Jasper Morrison, Michael Anastassiades, Philippe Starck, and others, the line features contributions by some of the most renowned names in design. The artful range includes pieces that provide direct and indirect light and come in multiple styles, from soothing globe lamps to Contemporary LED floor lamps that deliver effective task lighting. The entire collection is defined by beautiful silhouettes made from exquisite materials. 

Where are contemporary floor lights used? 

Floor lamps can be used to illuminate a room like a living room, bedroom, or hallway through ambient and uplighting options. Arranging a floor lamp in a dark corner or next to sofas, beds, and desks will bring appealing light to an area. Alternatively, fixtures that provide direct downlighting are particularly useful for tasks like reading or working, making these lights a good choice to place next to zones of activity in a home or office. 

Shop bestselling modern floor lamps from FLOS to find a selection of award-winning designs that incorporate the latest technologies. 

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