Flos at Villa Ottolenghi Gardens

Flos at Villa Ottolenghi Gardens

The villa is the result of seamless collaboration between a constellation of sculptors, painters, architects, decorators, urban designers and gardeners, who gave it shape over four decades. Its grounds are dotted with fragrant wild mint and sculptures, smaller buildings intended as artists’ residences as well as tennis courts, vineyards, a pool and a mausoleum: it’s a place where multiple personalities collide, a fitting set for a wide range of illuminations.

Products New Flos Outdoor Collection
Photography Tommaso Sartori

Photographed throughout, pieces from the new Flos Outdoor Collection.

Mile Wall, by Antonio Citterio.

Mile Bollard Mono by Antonio Citterio

Walkstick 2 Double by Antonio Citterio

Fenestra, a compact product that integrates with the structure of the window, marking its perimeter with light.

Flauta by Patricia Urquiola

In Vitro Unplugged by Philippe Starck

In Vitro Bollard by Philippe Starck

In Vitro Bollard, in anthracite, terracotta and pale green by Philippe Starck

Mile Bollard 2 Mono by Antonio Citterio.

A-Round, in satin gold, by Piero Lissoni

Caule, by Patricia Urquiola.

Spock, Outdoor projector.

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