Flos™ History: the '70s and '80s


From the MoMA
to the world



 In 1972, the “Italy The New Domestic Landscape” show at New York City’s MoMA– the most important museum of contemporary art in America – was a phenomenon of unprecedented popularity celebrating the culture of art and industry.



flos-philosophy-1972-flos-turin-06.jpg philosophy-sergio-gandini-achille-castiglioni-and-arco-flos.gif


Flos was featured in the show with several pieces – in particular by the Castiglioni brothers – consolidating the brand as an international avant-garde company. From that moment, the firm’s development and its popularity went hand-in-hand. 


Between the ’70s and ’80s, they expanded their production with new facilities, their market with branches abroad, and their product catalog (which included the acquisition of dell’Arteluce by Gino Sarfatti).



flos-philosophy-1982-philippe-starck-miss-sissi-07.jpg Another exhibition by the great Achille Castiglioni which opened in 1984 was held in eight European capitals, from Vienna to Madrid, confirming the Flos experience as unique, unrepeatable and unpredictable in its constant evolution.




Miss Sissi & 
Mister Gandini Jr.





Seeing the potential in Starck’s visions Piero Gandini, who had begun working alongside his father, developed the Arà design on an industrial scale. He realized the big talent of the best of postmodern authors and decided to mass-produce one of Starck’s designs in plastic for a hotel in New York, a type of iconic table lamp later called Miss Sissi. 



Defined by Starck as: “What everybody subconsciously thinks a lamp is.”


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