Fall Lighting Inspirations


Designs to light the season

Settle into the new season by warming up your space with Flos lighting.

Tip: Opt for lights bulbs with a 2700 to 3000 Kelvin (CCT) which gives a warm and cozy feeling, ideal for living rooms, and bedrooms.


Designed in 1958, this state-of-the-art ceiling light maintains its popularity.

Glo-Ball Table

A magical moon-like glow in the comfort of your home.

Upgrade the exterior by illuminating flower beds, pathways and other landscapes.

Bring fall inspired favorites into your home for cozy, crisp nights

IC Lights Double Wall Sconce

Add touch of color with IC Lights in red burgundy as well as warmth in the atmosphere.

Bellhop Table

A beloved, rechargeable light that travels wherever you go. Adjust the light's output with its 4-step dimmer.

Skygarden Pendant

The hidden oasis under the dome pendant adds earthly delight to the place of gathering.

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