Bedside Table Lamps

Modern bedside lamps are quite effective and serve many purposes. Contrary to popular belief, bedside lamps aren’t just embellishments that up the bedroom’s style quotient. From a practical perspective, bedside lamps add warmth and a sense of coziness to modern bedrooms by adding ambient lighting to the space. The Glo-Ball bedside lamp is a great example in this case. You also have the option of using unique bedside table lamps for reading purposes. Contemporary LED bedside lights provide efficient task lighting so the user can read their favorite novels before hitting the sack. Apart from the lumen output, lamp type and shape, choosing the perfect bedside lamp involves looking at important aspects like:

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You should ideally look for a bedside table lamp that complements your bedroom’s design and interior décor. Most contemporary table lamps by FLOS are tastefully designed to seamlessly blend with modern bedrooms.


Gauge what size of bedside lamp would be ideal for your needs. This would largely depend on how big or small your bedroom is. You could also consider installing lamps on either side of the bed to add symmetry and dynamism to the lighting effect created.


Today’s bedside lamps are equipped with features like LED lights, device charger, Soft Touch technology, dimmer switch and finish options. Consider your needs and choose wisely!

Remember, whether you want to spend the evening unwinding with your preferred book, work on your laptop or tablet, play games on your smartphone or simply share a cup of coffee with your partner, the right kind of bedside lighting can make your experience better. At FLOS, you can browse through a wide assortment of unique bedside lamps and table lamps crafted by the most respected names in the lighting design world. Explore our collections below. 

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