YellowBluePink by Ann Veronica Janssens at The Wellcome Collection

"Gazing at mist is an experience with contrasting effects. It appears to abolish all obstacles, materiality, the resistances specific to a given context, and at the same time, it seems to impart a materiality and tactility to light."

British-born, Brussels-based artist Ann Veronica Janssens is talking about her celebrated colored 'mist room' installations that she has created across the globe from Sydney to Paris. The latest iteration is in London at the Wellcome Collection.

Entered through two sets of double doors that keep the mist from escaping, the installation's artificial fog is lit from above by colored lights. The effect is like being inside a rainbow, walking through the arcs of yellow, blue and pink.

As the walls disappear and visibility is limited to just a few inches the experience is disorientating but strangely serene as visitors walk slowly and unsteadily through the space, catching glimpses of each other as they go.

'It's about you and your experience within the environment,' says curator Emily Sargent. 'That's what we're interested in and what the artist is interested in. It's uplifting and beautiful.'

Yellowbluepink is part of the museum’s wider 'State of Mind' season, a year-long exploration into the experience of human consciousness that will result in a major new exhibition opening in February next year.

All Image Credits: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

YellowBluePink by Ann Veronica Janssens at The Wellcome Collection
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