What to Consider Before Buying Designer Lights

What to Consider Before Buying Designer Lights

31st Jul 2018

Buying a designer light is no small decision: It’s a financial investment, and it impacts the look and experience of your home. Here are a few things to consider before you make the leap.

Your Electrical Installation

When was the last time your home’s electrical work was updated? Before you install a beautiful pendant chandelier, make sure you’re working with the best electrical foundation, or you’ll have to deal with incompatibility headaches and blown fuses (including your own!) Even worse: the insulation on old wiring tends to harden over time, and it may crack and fall off during installation of the new lighting fixture. Wiring without insulation is a fire hazard and can cause electric shock--so it’s very important to check the condition and rewire the circuit if necessary.

Size & Style

It’s easy to fall in love with a design, but before you make the purchase, consider the size and design of your home. Will this piece fit in—literally—based on measurements? Check the proportions of the space you see the lamp living. Does it match the décor or will you need to redesign around it? Also make sure the lighting color and beam shape are suitable for the intended location.

Your Type

Which type of design is best for your home? Consider the space you’ll be lighting, and your options for it, including pendant lights, canister lights, sconces, and more. Consider the lamp’s purpose—what will you be using it for?

Other Lamps

What does the lighting look like around the space where this lamp will live? Will it be cohesive, or will it require a rework?


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