Trend Report: Marble

It's a material age. Contemporary interior designers are emphasizing not just form, but crafting environments that celebrate the most basic components of designs. Mixed mediums, unfinished metals, fur, and raw woods have all become popular choices for their rich textures and naturally variations in tone. However, there's no other material that expresses the clean, cool luxury of marble. Not just for counter tops or bathroom vanities, beautiful, complex marble is appearing more and more frequently in home accessories and decor, adding a timeless, grounded element that still feels contemporary. Introduce marble elements to your space or next project with these refined FLOS designs in marble.

1.Biagio Table Lamp

Carved from a single piece of fine white Italian Carrara marble, Biagio has remained in production since 1968, when it was designed by Tobia Scarpa. Scarpa's marriage of natural shapes and ultramodern sophistication have made this design a timeless expression of good taste. Explore the innovative craftsmanship that makes Biagio marble table lamps possible in the Making of BIAGIO below.

2. Snoopy Table Lamp

The understated marble base of this iconic design by Achille Castiglioni and his brother Pier Giacomo Castiglioni gives the lighthearted Snoopy some serious elegance. Originally designed in 1967 and re-introduced in 2003, this lamp exemplifies perfect balance in design. And for those wondering - yes, Snoopy was named for its subtle resemblance to a favorite cartoon beagle.

3. Arco Floor Lamp

Perhaps FLOS's most widely-recognized design, the iconic Arco floor lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni features a stunning marble base. When considering materials for the counterweight that makes Arco's elegant sweep possible, the designers chose marble over concrete for a sleeker size and more beautiful result. The rest, as we know, was history.

Ready to create a timeless environment? Find more design inspiration here, or shop FLOS designs.

Trend Report: Marble
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