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Toio Titanium: Refreshing A Classic

Legendary Italian designers and brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni are renowned for their iconic collaborations, including the Arco floor lamp and the Taraxacum and Splugen Brau pendant lamps for FLOS. The Castiglioni brothers’ bold experimentation with industrial design elements established the brothers as leaders in the design world – with both designers winning several Compasso d’Oro awards among many other honors.

Their collaboration for the Toio floor lamp is no different, earning several accolades as well as a permanent spot at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. FLOS has launched an updated version of the classic 1962 design just in time for the start of the 2016 holiday season: Toio in Titanium. Introducing Toio Titanium A timeless design with a fresh feature, the Toio floor lamp offers another addition to the Castiglioni’s ready-made objects. The design is aptly named after the English word for “toy” – and certainly evokes its playful title. The combination of a 300-watt car reflection, which serves as the lamp’s light source– along with fishing rod rings and a red, glossy coating give the design an eccentric look. A car headlight serves as the overall inspiration for the lamp, with maritime elements interweaved through the design: a cleat at the base of the lamp (similar to that found on a boat or a ship) is designed to help keep the electrical cord neatly in place when adjusting the lamp to a lower height. The fishing rod rings guide the electric wire along the stem down from the bulb. The combination of these industrial design elements with the whimsical aura of a childhood toy makes Toio a blend of playful sophistication. This innovative lamp spurs the imagination with its blend of industrial style and classic elements.

Traditionally available in a black or red finish and providing indirect light, the limited edition titanium finish is an eye-catching addition to the Toio family. There are only 100 available which makes this variety even more appealing. In the sea of delightful deals on lighting products, FLOS has announced a massive discount on the limited edition Toio in an alluring, limited edition titanium finish. This floor lamp, normally priced at $1395, will be available for a special price of $995 for Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 25th-28th). Being an exclusive offer and with extremely limited stock (only 100 pieces) available, these four days are best time to save a whopping $400 off on the limited edition Toio at the official FLOS online store. Enjoy free shipping on this stunning fixture. Bring home the Toio in titanium and enhance your interior with a floor lamp that is at once contemporary, luxurious and unconventional.

Toio Titanium: Refreshing A Classic
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