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Why Exterior Lighting Fixtures are Important - Get Exterior Lamps

30th Jul 2018

Designer exterior lighting doesn’t just look great (hello, curb appeal!)—it’s also really smart. The right light makes it easier to navigate your outdoor areas in the dark, and it’s a security measure … read more

What is Human Centric Lighting?

30th Jul 2018

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction novels, but the idea behind Human Centric Lighting is simple: We need light for both visual and non-visual reasons. And, we need it delivered in a healthy w … read more

Count Me In: How Many Lights are Right?

30th Jul 2018

Too bright, too dark—sometimes finding the “just right” feels all wrong. Luckily, we’ve got an easy formula for figuring out just how much light you need in any given room. First, think about the pu … read more

Homey Run: How to Create Hospitality Lighting that Works

30th Jul 2018

It says it right in the name: the hospitality industry specializes in making guests feel comfortable, welcome, and, well, right at home.The key to hospitality lighting is control, and by that we meani … read more

Aren’t You Smart: How to Achieve Smart, Sustainable Lighting and Energy Savings

30th Jul 2018

Here’s a light bulb moment: lighting your home in an artistic, functional, and stunning way doesn’t have to strain energy consumption (or your wallet). Here’s how.Be a Control Freak: Adjust your light … read more
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