String Lights Remote Dimmer App Now Available FREE!

String Lights Remote Dimmer App Now Available FREE!

3rd Feb 2016

FLOS String Lights Remote Dimmer App

String Lights Remote Dimmer App is now available from App Store and Google Play Store. This App allows you to control the light intensity of your lamps designed by Michael Anastassiades.

In this app you can also find some more contents such us the biography of the designer and an interview, ideas and instructions for the installation, gallery of images, and more.

Cone String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

Anastassiades was inspired by three things for the design of String Lights: "When I sit on a train, traveling, and I look out of the window, I always see these strings of electricity that connect the pylons. And as we move through at high speed, I see these perfectly parallel strings and find myself transfixed by the amazing sense of discipline — how can this be possible? It’s just so beautiful, and so poetic the way they connect the pylons whilst at the same time they divide the landscape. I wanted to translate this this vision and this discipline into an interior environment. They are like linear drawings. I like how people use light to demarcate space, especially outdoor space, if you think of a village square in the Mediterranean at night, they have a string of lights that hang in a square from four posts. They seem to announce: 'This is where the party is'. It is these lights that demarcate the activity.

Round String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

And then the last thing, which is the most practical one, is how to move lights when electricity points are always where you least want them to be. So how do you take them where you want them in an effortless and poetic way?"

The installation is also part of the appeal. There are infinite ways how you could install the String Lights and the designer hopes the user will explore and experiment until he/she finds the perfect way to decorate their space. Once that is done, they have the app that will allow them to control it!

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