WireRing – The Gold Standard for Modern Wall Lighting

WireRing – The Gold Standard for Modern Wall Lighting

17th Sep 2019

Amsterdam-based Studio Formafantasma, founded by the Italian designer duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin is known for its experiments with new technology, innovative design thinking and love for minimalism. WireRing is all of those things combined together in one sleek, unique and flexible design.

WireRing is exactly what the name suggests – a contemporary wall light that consists of a wire and a ring. Together, they synchronize seamlessly to offer a stylish spectacle. The “less is more” adage seems like it was made to be used on a product like this one.

This statement piece is a sculptural beauty and emphasizes on elevating what is hidden, by exposing the lamp’s wire. By the designers’ own admission, this original design was an exercise in reduction, stripped back to its most essential elements: a light source and a power supplier.

These elements team up to deliver gracefully rendered light from the modern wall sconce. The wire of this wall light holds a ring that has a flexible LED strip on the inside. The ring works as a discrete heatsink, allowing the heat that is generated to dissipate throughout the entire section. The custom belt-like electric wire and the LED strip-laden ring team up to deliver indirect lighting that never fails to amaze.

Made from calendered, extruded aluminum with galvanized or varnished finish, the designer wall sconce weighs 2.10 lbs and is offered in no less than fifteen different cable-and-ring color combinations. The length of the cord is 98.43”. The special tangent cable – fixed to the wall with ABS joints – provides the power. The lamp also features a dimmer switch pedal on the cable and power supply on adapter with interchangeable plugs.

Meant for indoor use, WireRing by FLOS is a phenomenal piece of art and lighting that blends form and function. Since the light is so versatile in nature and design, it can be used or installed in any kind of space.

WireRing challenges the norm by giving importance to the cable, a part of the lamp that is otherwise kept concealed or expected to be hidden. And that is where this designer wall lamp wins – in offering not just beautiful illumination, but making the source look equally as aesthetic without trying too hard.

Perhaps the best part about WireRing is the fact that the lamp delivers more than it promises. Shop the lamp here.

WireRing Contemporary Wall Light by Formafantasma

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