Bon Jour – A Collection of Table Lamps that Transcend the Norm

Bon Jour – A Collection of Table Lamps that Transcend the Norm

15th Nov 2019

The concept of table lamps has been around for eons, but creative minds and advancements in technology have ensured its constant evolution. One such innovative creation is the Bon Jour family, a collection of desk lamps.

Bon Jour is a consistent collection of light, exploring the timeless elegance of high-technology dematerialization combined with the freedom of expressing your own creativity.

-Philippe Starck

Designed by the globally-acclaimed Philippe Starck, the Bon Jour family of modern table lamps features three charming lights. A quick look at the inspiration behind each one of them and the distinct features that make them so irresistible.

Bon Jour LED

The Bon Jour LED table lamp is a stunning creation that brings together maximum performance and aesthetic appeal. The decorative table lamp uses the revolutionary Edge Lighting Technology. Available in four gorgeous colors – white, copper, chrome and chrome matte – this beauty can be customized according to the user’s preferences. It is even possible to style the desk lamp with a custom plastic hat that hosts the LED light source and the shade (available in amber-colored injection molded plastic, transparent yellow, classic pleated fabric. or natural rattan). Another feature that makes this light so convenient and easy to operate is that the user can control the intensity of the direct light with the click of a button.

Bon Jour Modern LED Table Lamp by Philippe Starck

Bon Jour Versailles

Starck and FLOS collaborated on this dimmable LED table lamp which has a vintage-modern charm. Fusing together two strikingly dynamic pieces – the Bon Jour lamp by FLOS (2017) and the Versaille candleholder by Baccarat – Bon Jour Versailles lamp has an old-school charisma and yet fits seamlessly in any modern setting. Sourced with cutting-edge LED technology, the fixture is made with PMMA (polymethylcrylate) and is available in two sizes in a copper or chrome finish.

Bon Jour Versailles Designer Table Lamp - LED Dimmable Light

Here are some interesting thoughts from Starck himself:

At the Palace of Versailles, the Sun King was bored. One day he had the vision of a flash of lightning, new and magical, illuminating the Hall of Mirrors. He dreamed of it and made it his coat of arms. Centuries later, FLOS and Baccarat made it a reality, combining the highest technology to their timeless know-how. And history became modern.

Bon Jour Unplugged

The smallest and perhaps the most dynamic of lamps from the Bon Jour series, Bon Jour Unplugged is a wireless decorative table lamp that delivers not only efficient lighting, but also versatility. The fixture’s base features a micro-USB C connector that can recharge its battery in just three hours. The intensity of the direct light can be controlled with one click. Sleek, lightweight and portable, this mini table lamp adapts itself to any indoor setting. The user can even dress it with a crown of various colors: transparent, yellow, amber, fumee, natural rattan and pleated fabric. With finish options that include white, copper, chrome and matte chrome, Bon Jour Unplugged packs a powerful punch.

Bon Jour Unplugged Wireless LED Table Lamp

It is obvious why this family of contemporary designer table lamps has become so popular. From offices and commercial settings, to residential projects and homes, Bon Jour desk lamps complement any space.

Explore Bon Jour and other modern table lamps by the world’s best designers at FLOS.

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