2097 – A Chandelier That Bridges the Gap Between Traditional and Ultramodern

2097 – A Chandelier That Bridges the Gap Between Traditional and Ultramodern

26th Dec 2019

Say the word “chandelier” and your mind immediately transports you either to a luxurious hotel lobby or a mid-century structure that sports a majestic suspended lamp from the tall ceiling. In essence, chandeliers are an age-old concept. These traditional lamps or holders were meant to hold many candles together at once, casting a magical spell in any considerably large indoor space. With the advent of new technology and advanced production processes, this concept was given a modern twist. Several lighting companies, interior décor experts and designers have experimented with different types and forms of chandeliers and continue to do so even today.

However, one chandelier to know is 2097 by FLOS.

The brainchild of Italian designer Gino Sarfatti, 2097 was first introduced to the world in 1958. One look at this marvel will tell you why it was an instant runaway success. Several decades and upgrades later, this suspension lamp continues to be a top seller in the market.

Inspiration Behind the Design

Gino Sarfatti created the 2097 chandelier in accordance with his legendary utilitarianism and a desire to design humble-yet-powerful pieces. Widely acknowledged for his contributions to the modern architectural movement in lighting, Sarfatti went one step further with the 2097. The chandelier, even today, represents the amalgamation of traditional sensibilities and modern taste.

For a design to stay relevant for over 60 years is in itself a massive achievement. And the fact that Sarfatti’s iconic creation is not only relevant, but highly sought after in the residential as well as commercial realms. Credit must be given to the design virtuoso for incorporating elements that make 2097 look grandiose and yet operate in an unfussy manner.

With a robust steel structure at its core, this lamp also features a steel ceiling fitting and rose. Its main structure has a mirror-polish finish.

The chandelier’s comes in two models: 2097/30 and 2097/50 depending on the number of arms, which can hold 30 to 50 incandescent bulbs respectively. Casting an indirect, diffused light, this suspension lamp is considered by many as one of the rare designs that manage to strike the perfect balance between “traditional” and “ultramodern.”

The FLOS 2097 chandelier comes with a nine-inch suspension cable, the length of which can be adjusted according to your unique needs. Unlike most other modern lamps and chandeliers, 2097’s electrical cords are not concealed. In fact, the design of the lamp elegantly incorporates the wiring by extending it freely to the central structure made from high-grade brass.

Key features and specifications:

  • Ideal for classical as well as modern interiors
  • Suitable for dry, indoor spaces such as foyers, lobby entrances, dining rooms, and living rooms.
  • Nine-inch adjustable suspension cable and ceiling fitting
  • Available in chrome, brass and matte black finishes
  • Requires 30 or 50 15W E14 clear ball incandescent bulbs

Meticulously crafted with attention to even the smallest of details, this lamp personifies the coming together of two different eras – seamlessly and successfully.

Browse FLOS 2097 here.

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