Noctambule, the Night Owl by Konstantin Grcic

Noctambule, the Night Owl by Konstantin Grcic

16th Aug 2019

Crafted by the German designer Konstantin Grcic, the new Noctambule refers to “the night owl” or “reveler" in French. FLOS Noctambule is a flexible lighting system that is amusing and amazing in equal measure. The innovative design has won the Architect’s Newspaper 2019 Best of Products Awards.

Noctambule is a range of lighting fixtures, comprised of hand-blown glass components or cylinders. Transparent and seemingly innocuous, Noctambule is dormant during the daytime. By night, the lamp comes to life with a flip of a switch – transforming it into a striking, magical source of illumination.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

Inspired by night owls, the Noctambule dimmable LED lamp features a transparent frame that blends into any room when unlit, but makes its presence felt when it illuminates at night – just like the night owl does!

Hibernating during daytime and coming to life as darkness surrounds you, the aptly named lighting design (Nocambule is the French word for “night owl”) is the epitome of original, creative and technologically-evolved lamps.

This latest collection of lamps features the gorgeous Noctambule in different forms. Noctambule makes a statement no matter how you use it or where you place it. The fixture is offered as a: Modern LED floor lamp, Modern LED pendant light and a chandelier.

An interesting aspect of the lamp is that the user has a choice to add on components according to their unique requirements. A single clear cylinder acts as the basis of Noctambule, which can function independently. However, the range of options and custom configurations available to the user means that there is ample room for experimentation and personalization. For instance, while the piece can be installed as is, one also has the option to add a hand-blown glass dome or a cone-shaped head to it, enhancing its impact in terms of appearance as well as output. Multiple modules can be stacked on top of each other to create a column of light that creates a spectacle unlike any other.

Whether you wish to use it as a contemporary LED floor lamp or treat it as modern pendant lighting, Noctambule is dynamic and customizable. The expertly-calibrated (and hidden) LED technology is neatly tucked into Noctambule’s body (in the intersecting points between the glass components), powering the fixture discretely.

The see-through nature of the lamp and the cylindrical glass modules are perhaps the biggest highlights of Noctambule. Konstantin Grcic has (yet again) managed to create something that features his signature style and revalidates his love for geometrical shapes.

Create your own Noctambule here. 

About the Designer:

Konstantin Grcic has had a long and prolific association with FLOS. With lighting fixtures like May Day, OK, and now Noctambule, the German designer continues to collaborate with the Italian lighting company to offer customers superlative lamps and more. Having trained at the John Makepeace School (Dorset, England) and Royal College of Art (London), Grcic has carved a niche for himself in the world of industrial design and lighting design. His creations reflect his love for blending form and function to perfection. His work has been featured in numerous publications, won him countless awards and earned a place in the world’s most-revered museums, exhibitions, and catalogs. 

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