A Sneak Peek into Smart Lighting and Why It is Becoming So Popular

A Sneak Peek into Smart Lighting and Why It is Becoming So Popular

10th Sep 2019

Smartphones, smart homes, smart gadgets, wearable devices, virtual assistants, smart cars, and even smart cities – it is the era of all things smart. Home lighting has also witnessed a fresh wave of change in the last decade, with the influx of smart technology in the lighting design space. 

Several contemporary lighting designers and manufacturers have been experimenting with their products to figure out how they can be enhanced with smart technology. Let’s explore the concept of smart lights, different types of smart lighting and a few products and ideas for your home lighting.


To have the ability to “control” the lighting in your home via a device is smart lighting.

With ultramodern applications, high-tech programming and the seamless blend of hardware and software, smart lighting systems offer a wide array of options: 

  • Switch on or off the lights remotely from your device
  • Control the light output, brightness and intensity via a mobile app
  • Use the dimming feature to set the right tone and mood for a space
  • Program lights to automatically adjust, depending on the time of day
  • Add a motion sensor for security purposes

5 smart lighting ideas and products for your home

1. Sawaru - Directional, dimmable LED Floor Lamp with color temperature controlmodern floor lamp is the first FLOS lamp with an advanced dimmer function. Its dimmer pedal on the lamp’s power chord can control both light intensity and color temperature.

2.  Gaku - LED Table Lamp Dimmable with Wireless Charger for your Phone

Gaku Contemporary Table Lamp by Nendo

3. Bellhop - Portable LED Table Lamp with USB Charger and 24 hours Autonomy

Bellhop Small Table Lamp by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Bellhop is a sleek, stylish table lamp that evokes the spirit of a candle. Crafted by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the design of this wireless light is such that the user can easily carry it from one room to another – making it extremely dynamic in nature. The modern table lamp can be charged via a micro USB-C. A single charge can last up to 24 hours.

4.  D'e-Light LED Table Lamp with Lighting Connector and USB

D'e-Light LED Table Lamp by Philippe Starck

Imagine a smart desk lamp that not only provides effective illumination on your work or study desk, but also lets you charge a variety of portable devices. The D’E Light by Philippe Starck is designed to suit the modern lifestyle. A table lamp which offers a fresh perspective on the ways we use the things around us. Apart from being a smart desk lamp, it is also a sleek and chic embellishment in any modern space.

5.  Kelvin LED Green Mode I – Table Lamp with Light Adjusting Sensor

Kelvin LED Green Mode I Modern Table Lamp

This much sought-after lamp, with a double pantograph arm and flexible head, provides direct lighting. It’s truly smart in every sense of the word, since it has brought to the fore the revolutionary Daylight/Motion Sensor. Kelvin LED Green Mode I’s sensor automatically responds to the brightness of the surface or surroundings and alters its light output. This sensor can be activated by placing your finger on the touch sensor.

Smart lights or lighting systems are not necessarily meant solely for larger spaces. The variety of options available in the market make it an accessible.

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