Sebastian Wrong: Versatile and Creating Lighting Designer

Sebastian Wrong: Versatile and Creating Lighting Designer

28th Nov 2017

Sebastian Wrong

One only has to look at the Spun Light floor lamp created by Sebastian Wrong to get a sense of the man’s talent and technical prowess. Sebastian Wrong combined fine craftsmanship and principles of design aesthetics with modern manufacturing technology to create this lamp. The result was an almost-surreal unique floor lamp that stands tall above the furniture illuminating the surroundings with soft, diffused light.

If there was one word to describe Wrong’s work, it would probably be “mellifluous”. His products are harmonious, soothing to the eyes, and pure in form and function.

Born in 1971 in London, Wrong went to the Norwich School of Art and Camberwell School of Art from where he graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art (Sculpture) in 1993. By 1996, he had formed his own manufacturing company that allowed him to hone his technical skills and set the stage for future projects.

In 2003, Wrong co-created The Lane, a multifaceted design brand, together with Mark Holmes. The Lane had a fairly successful four-year run during which a collection of design products, graphic identities, and exhibition designs were produced under the brand name.

Wrong designed the Spun Light originally for the company Drove Ltd. It was launched in 2001 at the “100% Design” fair in London and in 2002 at the “Salone Satellite” in Milan where it made a huge impact on the design community and shot its creator to instant fame.

The product was shortlisted for the Peugeot Design Award in 2001 and went on to win the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2004. Twelve years later, it is still as popular as it ever was. It is currently being produced by FLOS as a floor as well as a table lamp (as Spun Light F and Spun Light T).

Wrong has been working tirelessly, immersing himself in design projects that inspire his interests of material manipulation, purity of form, function, and honesty. He was the founder and director of Established & Sons, a unique design company focused on designing and producing innovative contemporary furniture. The company also serves as a platform for budding British designers to showcase their talent.

In 2011, he set up his Wrong Shop as an outlet for the world’s leading designers to explore the depths of their creativity with experimental pieces of design that require unorthodox or unconventional methods of production. The business is driven by Wrong’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials as well as his passion for quality fabrication.

One of Wrong’s more recent collaborations has been with a Danish design firm called Hay. The designer has joined forces with the firm to form a new brand, interestingly called “Wrong for Hay”. They produce a progressive and accessible design-led range of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

The designer, who has acquired vast experience over the years, insists on the importance of learning and understanding the value of hard work for young and budding designers.

Truer words have not been spoken, we’d say!

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