Ron Gilad: Creating His Own Language of Design

Ron Gilad: Creating His Own Language of Design

2nd Feb 2016

Ron Gilad - Designer

In a 2013 interview with Designo Daily, Israeli designer Ron Gilad said he felt most at home with a pencil in his hand and the A4 paper he draws on. The designer, who is known to walk the line between the abstract and the functional, also shared that while the starting point is function, however, function is not enough.

His designs are functional and uncluttered, yes, but they are also a representation of his dry humor and wit. His designs are as sophisticated and elegant as they are useful.

The designer also has the innate capability to create products that are one-of-a-kind. A case in point is his TT or Tray Table series that Gilad described as a hybrid between the idea of a tray and a coffee table.

His designs are a clear indicator of the designer's ability to start with a particular object and totally reinterpret it into something else. In his work, he regularly combines different materials to create objects that are harmonious and aesthetic.

Wall Piercing FLOS Soft Architecture

Wallpiercing installation from FLOS Soft Architecture

Born in Tel Aviv in 1972, Gilad graduated with a degree in industrial design from the the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. He had a short stint as a 3D design instructor at the Shenkar Academy of Engineering & Design from 1999-2001 during which he created many unique products that were exhibited at various shows.

It was in 2001 that the designer moved to New York and co-founded his design studio, Designfenzider. The designer's love for teaching saw him take up a teaching position at the Pratt Institute in NYC.

His craftsmanship and playful approach to design soon had major design firms queuing up to implement his design ideas.

Light Spring Wall Mounted Light

The prolific designer has created many memorable lights for FLOS over the years including the famous Wallpiercing lights in 2011 that had the entire design world sit up and take notice. His other masterpieces for FLOS include the Miniteca, the La Linea family, Light Spring wall mounted light (pictured below), and the Goldman table lamp (pictured further below) in brass and black for the decorative collection.

Goldman Table Lamp

He also created a number of designs for other Italian brands like Molteni & C and Adele-C in addition to creating installations for the high-end marble company Salvatori.

Gilad began his career as a conceptual artist, who often questioned our perceptions through his designs, and is now one of the most renowned and respected product designers in the world. His works are a part of the permanent collections at New York's iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

He is also one of the most written about designers with magazines from his native Tel Aviv and adoptive home New York to European countries like Spain and France.

"I don't have a fixed recipe but always have a certain goal in mind: to reduce my cooking stock to the purest broth possible," told the designer to Zoë Ryan of the Art Institute of Chicago during an interview providing a rare peek into the way his complex designer mind works.

The world of design surely wants to see more from him!

Note- The FLOS product “Miniteaca” is no longer available, but explore the other classic lamps here!

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