A Quick Guide to Kitchen Lighting: Tips, Ideas and Products

A Quick Guide to Kitchen Lighting: Tips, Ideas and Products

25th Jul 2019

Cooking, unlike popular belief, is not really a chore. For those who enjoy cooking, it is an enjoyable process that starts from scratch and culminates into something that is absolutely delicious. And for those who don’t particularly find joy in this process, there may be several reasons for their apathetic outlook. Here is our take on it.

For starters (figuratively), the cooking experience can make all the difference. When we say “experience,” we are talking about everything that contributes to the process of cooking. And when we say “cooking,” we are referring to the making of anything and everything in the kitchen area. Kitchen lighting, for instance, is an integral part of the experience – it can set just the perfect mood to help you go about your daily culinary routine in a better and more efficient manner. However,kitchen lighting is an often-ignored part of interior design and home lighting.

An Overview of Modern Kitchen Lighting

In layman’s lingo, kitchen lighting refers to the lighting setup in the kitchen area. So, any and every lighting fixture that is installed in this region of a house would fall under the kitchen lighting category. And as is the case with the other rooms of a home, kitchen lighting, too, comes in various shapes, styles and sizes. From ceiling lamps and wall sconces to suspended lights and floor lamps, kitchen lighting knows no boundaries – the secret to lighting up this space in style lies in assessing the need, complementing the interior décor and finding fixtures that deliver the optimum amount of light.

Different Types of Lights Used in the Kitchen

Here is a quick look at the various types of lighting that are popular across modern kitchens:

General Lighting – Primary lighting that provides the major source of light in the kitchen.

Recessed Lighting – Incandescent can light fixtures used for illuminating the kitchen area.

Task Lighting – Directional lights that can be used to provide spot or targeted lighting over a specific region.

Ambient Lighting – Supporting lights that provide a layer of warmth and illumination.

Cabinet Lighting – Special lights that are meant to be installed inside the storage spaces.

Undercabinet Lighting – Lights installed under cabinets or shelves to light up hard-to-access areas.

Accent Lighting – To draw attention to a work of art or the texture of a wall.

If you are looking for variety in terms of fixtures, here is a list of options that you can choose from:

Decorative Hanging Lamps – Contemporary kitchen pendant lights, chandeliers

Wall and Ceiling Lamps – Sconces, flush mounted and semi-flush mounted fixtures

Track or Strip Lights – Versatile, flexible, LED-powered lights

Floor Lamps – Functional or decorative lamps

Table Lamps – Smaller fixtures that can provide efficient lighting for the dinner table

Get Inspired with These 4 Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips and Ideas

Looking for luxury kitchen lighting tips, ideas and designs that can help you set the right tone for your sacred cooking space? 

Here’s presenting a list of innovative kitchen lighting ideas and award-winning lighting designs and fixtures that can inspire you to design or redesign your kitchen.

1. Establish the key areas of your kitchen

Fucsia Pendant Lights by Achille Castiglioni

The cooking area, storage space (cabinets, drawers and closets), sink, island and table are the most commonly-termed-as-important parts of a modern kitchen. In case you have placed your dining table in the kitchen, or the kitchen shares space with the dining room, lights like the Fucsia 1 by Achille Castiglioni are apt for table lighting. The sophisticated finish and conical shape work like a charm in modern households.

2. Start with the ambient lighting

Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades

The aim of ambient lighting should be to be the primary source of illumination in the room. For relatively smaller kitchens, it is advisable that you go for ceiling lights or pendants that are powerful enough to light up the space. Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades is an ultramodern chandelier that is part light, part magic. This flexible system forms a glowing chain while allowing the user to experiment with different geometric shapes.

3. For your kitchen island

AIM Suspended Lights by Bouroullec Brothers

From prep to serving – it all happens on a kitchen island. It is vital that the kitchen platform has its own set of dedicated lights. AIM, designed by the Bouroullec Brothers, is a great example of contemporary kitchen pendant lights that are adjustable and best suited for areas like the kitchen island.

4. Optimal lighting for the kitchen sink

Smithfield C Ceiling Lamp by Jasper Morrison

The sink is an integral part of the kitchen and if located in a far corner, might require a light of its own. The dimmable Smithfield C by Jasper Morrison is a good example of a ceiling-mounted light that is ideal as an over-the-sink fixture.

Bon Appetit!

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