Project Highlight: Michael Anastassiades’ Arrangements takes the spotlight at Fulcrum Coffee

Project Highlight: Michael Anastassiades’ Arrangements takes the spotlight at Fulcrum Coffee

14th May 2020

Located in Seattle, Fulcrum Cafe specializes in sourcing, roasting, and crafting the perfect coffee. With compelling stories behind their craft, finding the right product to attract clients from the outside is essential.

Fulcrum Cafe selected several decorative and architectural lighting by FLOS to illuminate and aesthetically enhance the space within this LEED-certified building.

“The lighting is a signature element of the space, specifically the Arrangements. From the surrounding outside streets to the entry, to the interior - it is a primary element of the user experience - and sets the tone visually by bringing delight, magic, and discovery to the space, which is then complemented by the coffee tasting experience.”

Explore FLOS lighting found at Fulcrum Coffee:

Arrangements and IC Lights Ceiling and Wall by Michael Anastassiades, Glo-Ball Wall Sconce by Jasper Morrison, Running Magnet track system by FLOS Architectural, which includes Spot 120, Mini Glo-Ball, and Light Strip.

FLOS Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades

The customizable, modular pendant provides LED lighting positioned above communal tables. Hanging from the ceiling, circular-shaped modules in various sizes attached to the previous one forming a glowing chain. Make your own at FLOS USA, shop Arrangements.

Running Magnet by FLOS Architectural

An elegantly refined tracking system, FLOS Running Magnet follows the walls, even along with 90-degree angles, to accommodate for corners. Light elements were snapped onto the track system: Spot 120, Mini Glo-Ball Suspension, and Light Strip to increase the luminosity while bringing a magical delight to the modern interiors.

Discover the entire Running Magnet tracking system on the FLOS USA Architectural web site.

Visit the Fulcrum Cafe located at 590 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121

Not shown in the photographs, Fulcrum Cafe also installed FLOS IC Lights and Glo-Ball wall sconces along the hallway and inside the bathroom. If interested in working with FLOS on commercial, retail or hospitality projects, please contact your local representative.

Project Details

Location: Fulcrum Coffee Roasters

Photography by: Matthew Mornick

Architect: Rik Adams

Interior Designer: Memo Furniture

Textiles and Wallcoverings: Maharam

Environmental Branding: Tolleson Design

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