Project Highlight: BassamFellows: A treasure of modern architecture

Project Highlight: BassamFellows: A treasure of modern architecture

29th Oct 2020

Learn how Flos illuminated an original "The Philip Johnson Building" (PJB).

Founded by architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows, BassamFellows introduces a vision for a new kind of American luxury company. Along with their vision, they found the ideal location to make it happen.

 BassamFellows' headquarter and showroom currently sits on an iconic Philip Johnson-designed commercial building located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Architect Philip Johnson is known for his modern architecture works, including the "Glass House" in New Canaan, CT. Initially constructed in 1951 for the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center's administration offices, PBJ is a single-story, steel-glass-and-brick building. The two founders renovated the building and transformed it into their combined workspace and showroom. Source:

Most of the original Philip Johnson downlights and exterior lights were retained and updated during the renovation and where new fixtures were added, Flos played a key part. In collaboration with the team, new Flos architectural and decorative lighting fixtures were installed throughout the space for well-balanced and subtle enhancements. 

FLOS Architectural Running Magnet added a combination of trimless downlight and recessed track lighting to highlight the showroom products and allow proper light levels and flexibility in the workspaces yet discreet enough to let the architecture itself to shine.

Flos Architectural Running Magnet recessed track with 8W spot modules, light strips, and Find Me pendants as well as Jasper Morrison's Superloon floor are used in the conference rooms, offices, and lounge area.

The addition of Flos' collection of mid-century originals and minimalist contemporary designs dovetailed perfectly with space's aesthetic and the BassamFellows' own furniture line. Each decorative fixture was chosen as a complement to the setting's furnishings - a table lamp such as Taccia, Gatto Piccolo, or Kelvin Desk  in the offices, a Captain Flint around a lounge room.

Aoy (1975) by Achille Castiglioni

Gatto (1960) Piccolo "Small" by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

1967 Snoopy Lamp

Snoopy (1967) by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Kelvin (2015) by Antonio Citterio

Photos by Federica Carlet.

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