Paul Cocksedge Curious Interior Designer and his Contemporary Lighting

Paul Cocksedge Curious Interior Designer and his Contemporary Lighting

2nd Feb 2016

Paul Cocksedge

Since he first appeared on the global design scene, Paul Cocksedge has gained traction as one of the most exciting designers of his generation. Studying under designer Ron Arad to earn his MA in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, Cocksedge made early connections with the equally heavy-hitting Issey Miyake and Ingo Maurer, who championed the young designer's work and helped him into his first exhibitions. What Maurer and Miyake recognized in the Brit's portfolio was an absolute fearlessness when approaching a project. Cocksedge isn't afraid to challenge assumptions, asking "what if?" of materials and processes often taken for granted. His approach combines simplicity, joy, and wonder to create products that inspire a deeply human experience.

Exploring the magic light can create, Cocksedge collaborated with FLOS and BMW to create Sestosenso, a stunning installation during Salone del Mobile in 2011.

Modern Light by Paul Cocksedge

Suspended from the ceiling were red, transparent, acrylic pendant cones. A curved screen wrapped the walls, and when viewed through the cones, video images of BMW's 6 Series appeared, moving across the screen. In speaking about the project, Cocksedge spoke of his passion for and exploration of light: "It always surprises me. I've created this space and hopefully people will think, 'How is this possible?'"

This installation and Cocksedge's Shade lamp for FLOS showcase how the designer easily navigates between the physical and surreal, guided by his imagination and exploratory nature. Both designs find a magical,unexpected aspect of materials so often encountered that they're often overlooked. Cocksedge told Designboom, "Shade started as a purely practical problem, how to rid ourselves of the clutter usually connected to light fittings. The solution actually turned out quite mysterious, almost dream-like. It utilizes floor and ceiling both, but appears unconnected to either…!" The excitement in his comments is palpable, and the playful intelligence of the design is easily apparent below.

Shade Lamp by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge has been on the fast track for success since even before his graduation from Royal College of Art in 2002. Just two years later, he would establish Paul Cocksedge Studio in 2004 with business partner Joana Pinho. Cocksedge's trademark curiosity drives the organization to work on products, architectural projects, sculptures, and more.

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