Our Labor of Love is Here to Stay: Kelvin LED in Hot Pink

The Kelvin LED table lamp, one of our bestselling lamps, just got a fresh coat of paint. The stylish and functional lamp, designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, is now available in a bold and attractive pink finish. Heads up – limited quantity available!

The bubblegum, hot pink tint of the classic table lamp gives it an edge not many lamps in this category can boast of. Originally conceived as a collaboration with the online design marketplace Bezar’s “color bomb” initiative, which intends to reintroduce classic designs in a refreshing new look, only 100 units of the Kelvin LED table lamp are available in its pink avatar.

Explaining the reason behind choosing the rather “studious-looking” lamp from FLOS to start their “color bomb” project, Bezar founder and designer-par-excellence Bradford Shellhammer said in an interview with Coolhunting, “We chose the Kelvin as its silhouette lends itself to bright colors and its price point is affordable.”

Shellhammer also revealed that they decided to go with this particular shade of pink because the product was being launched in summer, and because “pink rules.” The new version of the Kelvin LED table lamp has Shellhammer written all over, thanks to his special affinity for bold colors.

Other than the eye-popping color, the specifications of this limited-edition, cutting-edge, energy-efficient lamp include:

- Double pantograph arm

- Adjustable die-cast aluminum outer head with injection-molded methacrylate diffuser

- Fused aluminum alloy body

- Daylight sensor that adjust light output depending on the atmosphere

The Kelvin LED in hot pink is available in limited quantity, so order yours now before we sell out!

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Our Labor of Love is Here to Stay: Kelvin LED in Hot Pink
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