Major Throwback to Most Unforgettable Lighting Designs 2015

Major Throwback to Most Unforgettable Lighting Designs 2015

1st Feb 2016

FLOS, the marquee lighting design company, presented some of its best designs in 2015. While the company continued to make giant strides in the space of lighting innovation, its designers stretched the limits of creativity and mesmerized the world with their beautiful products.

Here are some of the products that made 2015 such an extraordinarily impressive year:


Shade Floor Lamp - FLOS USA

Launched in March of 2015, the mysterious Shade is a masterstroke in lighting design by British designer Paul Cocksedge. Known for his innate curiosity and penchant for challenging preconceived notions about lighting design, Cocksedge surpassed himself with his latest design for FLOS.

The Shade is a floor lamp. But it is quite unlike any other. Nothing like traditional floor lamps, the Shade lamp does not sit on the floor. Instead, it is suspended from the ceiling by capillary-thin wires that are almost invisible to the eye.

It derives its power from an LED floor fitting that shines an uplight into the paper shade. The lamp appears to be suspended in mid-air giving it an almost ethereal, dramatic quality. With Shade, Cocksedge has once again managed to challenge the boundaries of convention and left his audience wondering if it’s a ceiling fixture or a floor lamp they are looking at. Actually, it’s neither.

It’s magic.

Goldman USB

Goldman USB Modern Table Lamp

Ron Gilad, who has mastered the art of walking the fine line between the abstract and the functional, conjured up another one-of-a-kind lamp – the Goldman table lamp. It is his version of the traditional banker’s lamp – characterized by a green glass lampshade, a sleek brass stand, and the quintessential pull-chain switch. Capturing the true essence of Emeralite (emerald and light), the Goldman table lamp is Gilad’s very own account of a modern lamp trapped in its old avatar, with a USB port built into the base.

The lamp went on the shelf in May and is deemed perfect for both decorative and functional purposes. Modern, energy-efficient, yet familiar – the Goldman is truly a class apart.

Bankers Table Lamp

AIM Small

Aim Small Pendant Lamp - FLOS USA

In August 2015, FLOS launched the AIM Small pendant lamp designed by the French design duo of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The designers have, in the past, produced bestsellers like AIM and Piani for FLOS. AIM Small is a variant of the massively successful AIM lamp.

It’s the compact design and the adjustable cable of the lamp, which allows the fixture head to be aimed at a desired point (hence the name) that sets this lamp apart. According to the designer duo, the general idea behind the project was to offer a lamp that could be infinitely adjusted to satisfy all lighting needs. AIM Small does just that and more – adding a touch of drama to your room.

Aim Suspension Lamp

With their unabashed display of cable, which is typically meant to be hidden, designers Ronan and Erwan have managed to throw the basics of conventional design haywire. The cables are adjustable, thus accounting for the fixture head and light distribution to be aimed as desired in different settings. This was the principal thought behind the lamp – to enable it to work with many different light adjustments. True to its name, the lamp is just about perfect for any setting not only because of its size or shape, but also because it’s been designed to suitably “aim” the light to illuminate specific areas of a room.

The impact of the AIM Small is such that while one pendant lamp manages to effectively highlight an explicit region (or the entire room, if hung accordingly), a combination of two or more lamps can well light up the entire room or effectually emphasize on different areas of the same room, as depicted in the diagram.

Kelvin Pink

Kelvin Pink LED Table Lamp - FLOS USA

The month of September witnessed the launch of a variant of one of FLOS’ most popular designs – the Kelvin LED table lamp. When designers Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen designed the stylish and sturdy Kelvin LED table lamp in 2009, little did they know they were creating a phenomenon. The Kelvin LED table lamp went on to become a bestselling product and one that was immediately associated with FLOS.

In fall of 2015, the lamp got a more edgy look as part of online design marketplace Bezar’s color bomb initiative. The Kelvin LED was painted a bold and attractive bubblegum pink and released to the market in limited edition.

The makeover turned the serious and studious looking lamp into a saucier and brazen version of itself. Pink just turned a shade hotter in 2015.


Clara Ceiling Lamp - FLOS USA

The last of the products to be launched in 2015, Clara ceiling lamp hit the shelves in October. Designed by the peerless Italian maestro Piero Lissoni, who has many masterpieces to his credit, Clara is simple, effective, efficient, and powerful.

The glow of illumination it provides is homogeneous and comfortable in its brightness. What makes this light fixture stand apart is its unpretentiousness. It dares to be understated in a world that believes in going overboard.

In its design at its purest best – free from dazzle and all its trappings – and in its unobtrusiveness, lies its power.

As we get into 2016, expect more – expect better – expect the best – from FLOS.

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