Michael Anastassiades: Master of Lighting Designs

Michael Anastassiades: Master of Lighting Designs

2nd Feb 2016

Michael Anastassiades Interior Designer

The works of Michael Anastassiades trace a very thin line between fine art and design. Shapes are abstracted, yet recognizably geometric. They're utilitarian, yet perfectly complemented by slight touches that elevate both form and function. It is this unexpected combination of minimalism and meticulous detail that betrays the Cypriot designer's training as a civil engineer and industrial designer.

Michael Anastassiades established his design studio in 1994 with the mission of exploring the "contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics." While he has created a wide variety of products and decorative objects, he is best known for his poetic lighting, including best-selling designs for FLOS. In these works, deceptively simple, graceful forms like spheres and slender lines are executed in ultra-modern materials like opaline glass, chrome and aluminum. The use of shiny, reflective materials adds to an illusion of weightlessness, giving his designs the ethereal quality for which they've become known worldwide.

IC Lights Collection by Michael Anastassiades

IC Lights(pictured above), one of his most popular designs for FLOS, is inspired by the magical moments of balance in the art of contact juggling. String Lightsare a playful tribute to the everyday ingenuity of human living, reduced to its most basic essence, like a pencil line drawn in the air. The striking Copycat lamp abstracts the idea of balance; It is composed of two otherworldly spheres that just touch, supporting and accentuating each other. These three designs stand out in his body of work, perhaps best representing Anastassiades's quest to balance individuality and timelessness.

String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades is one of the latest additions to his illustrious portfolio of imaginative lighting designs. A modular system of geometric light elements that can be composed in various permutations and combinations, Arrangements is a prime example of modern-day pendant lighting. The chain-like design allows the user to explore various possibilities and create capitvating interplays of light and space.

The adventurous designs of Michael Anastassiades are included in the permanent collections of museums around the globe, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Craft Council in London, The FRAC Centre in Orleans, France, and MAK in Vienna. He has also designed products for other leading manufacturers like Lobmeyr and Svenskt Tenn. In 2007, the designer established his own company to produce a signature line of design objects and jewelry. Living and working in London, Anastassiades maintains a connection to his native Cyprus, most recently with a solo exhibit titled "Reload the Current Page" at Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia, exploring the "contemporary anxieties" of the nation.

Intelligence, timelessness, and idiosyncrasy define the work of this modern master, whom FLOS is proud to call a collaborator. Explore Michael Anastassiades' designs for FLOS more in depth here.

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