Marcello Ziliani - Always surprising with his lighting designs

Marcello Ziliani - Always surprising with his lighting designs

30th Nov 2017

Marcello Ziliani Innovative Italian Designer

“However impossible it may seem, after a great deal of arm-waving in the long run-up, eventually you will always take flight,” that’s how industrial designer and architect Marcello Ziliani approaches every new project offered to him.

It’s a different matter that this designer soars every time he takes on a project delighting his customers with his beautiful, innovative, simple, and functional creations.

Born in Brescia, Italy on February 20th, 1963, Ziliani is the product of Milan’s famous Politecnico Di Milano that is considered one of the most outstanding universities in Europe that produces 85 percent of all design graduates in Italy.

His education placed him in the same league as design greats like Piero Lissoni, Antonio Citterio, Rodolfo Dordoni, Achille Castiglioni, and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, who graduated from the same university as Ziliani. In fact, Achille Castiglioni was his supervisor/mentor when he graduated from Politecnico Di Milano with a degree in architecture in 1988.

His industrialized design for a modular portable ladder, which he created while still at university, helped him grab the attention of the design world.

After his graduation, he spent three years abroad. However, he returned to his roots in Italy and dove into developing design projects in the field of furniture, accessories, lighting, bathrooms, office spaces, as well as set and exhibition design.

The talented Ziliani did not limit himself to the conventional fields of design as he explored opportunities in areas as diverse as theatrical choreography, art direction, design coordination, graphics, and communication among other things.

He is currently in charge of Studio Zetass, an integrated organization dealing with product design, graphic design, engineering, and fitting-out. He works with the best in the business, including leading national and international design firms.

Some of companies he has designed for include Allibert, BBB, Bertocci, Calligaris Casprini, Ciacci, Ciatti, Donati, Flex, Frascio, Geuther, Inglesina, Infiniti, ISA, Krios, Krover, Lanzini, Magis, Modo e Modo, Norda, Olympia, Pali, Progetti, Rapsel, Sintesi, Techimpex, Vanini, Views International, Visentin, and Zago.

His association with FLOS began in 1994. He designed the famous collection of wall brackets Sally, Piperita, and Schroeder and the models Wings and Flaps for the Italian design company’s U.S. market. Ziliani is also the designer behind the elegant modern wall sconce Tilee that is part of FLOS’s current collection.

Like any other designers of his caliber, Ziliani has also won numerous awards and accolades, delivered lectures, conducted workshops, and participated in exhibitions.

But what inspires this soft-spoken designer and gives him the greatest creative satisfaction is creating simple yet elegant designs – designs that, in his own words, are a wish, a desire, a hope of flight!

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