Modern Restaurant Lighting That Will Amaze You

Modern Restaurant Lighting That Will Amaze You

29th Nov 2017

A restaurant must create a certain ambiance. One wants to feel good when they’re dining out, and lighting plays a big role in setting a specific mood or tone in a restaurant space. Different types of light – bright, diffused, or dim, for example – can invite a wide range of dining experiences that complement the food you’re eating or the drinks you’re enjoying. Too bright and it will feel intrusive, too dark and the diner will be unable to be read. The right lights must be chosen to marry form and functionality in order to draw one in again and again.

Check out how these restaurants and dining spaces use lighting to create their own unique experiences:

Hotel Aranciomaro, Cannero Riviera, Italy:

FLOS Ktribe S Modern Pendant Lamp

The Italian hotel chose sleek and streamlined KTribe lamp in custom colors. Diffused light streaming through the red and blue shades creates an inviting atmosphere for dining al fresco along the water, complementing the bright sun in the daytime or the soft moon at night.

Restaurant at Hotel Borgo Dei Conti, Perugia, Italy:

Toio Floor Lamp for Restaurants

Industrial Parentesi lamp plays with the white walls of the Restaurant at Hotel Borgo Dei Conti, light bouncing brightly and reflecting around the room. Paired with the natural light from the open design plan, the bar area is lit up day and night, welcoming one in for a drink and a chance to socialize.

Restaurant at Grand Hotel Daniela, Otranto, Italy:

FLOS All Light Wall Ceiling Lamps for Restaurants

Stacked All Light Closed emit complementing halos of soft white light, working together to give the Restaurant at Grand Hotel Daniela both subtle brightness and design that stands out. The concentrated placement invites a private feel, bathing each table in its own intimate light.

Restaurant at Hotel Ora, Bresso, Italy:

FLOS Ktribe S Modern Pendant Lamps for Restaurants

Acting simultaneously as a stunning pendant piece and a seamless complement to red and white accents, KTribe feels natural in the restaurant at Hotel Ora. Bright without being intrusive, the modern hanging lights emit enough light to allow the breakfast diner to sit and leisurely read the morning newspaper, or the casual dinner-goer to enjoy conversation and company.

For more pendant lamps, visit the FLOS decorative store.

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