Multi-functional Charging Light Fixture by Philippe Starck and Ron Gilad

Multi-functional Charging Light Fixture by Philippe Starck and Ron Gilad

3rd Feb 2016

Biblioteque Nationale Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck

In this day and age of multi-functionality, have you ever wondered if your lighting fixture could be more than just... a light fixture? Enter Philippe Starck, a master of design. Starck has conceived “[a] magic bookcase where the books take flight towards the light”. And only a visionary mind like Philippe Starck’s could imagine a floor lamp like Biblioteque Nationale. The French designer, like a contemporary wizard with the power to animate objects, imagines a fairy tale bookcase where the books pirouette and take flight towards the light. This lamp, without sacrificing formal rigor and simplicity, which are constant features in Starck’s work, perfectly expresses the tastes and assorted needs of everyday lives.

D'E-light Table Lamp by Philippe Starck

The designer has created small shelves on the main stem for books and other articles. He has also extended its functions with a USB connector to recharge popular smartphones. According to Starck, having the lamp in our environment will facilitate our daily habits of reading, making telephone calls or relaxing. A "surreal" addition to our settings, Bibliotheque Nationale seems to fulfill our simplest but most fundamental desires; that magic that is often a feature of Starck’s creations.

In addition to the Bibliotheque Nationale, Starck also designed the D'E-light, another desktop light that is a charging station. You can set your device and keep using is as it charges while your working surface is illuminated with the latest LED. D'E-light is also a perfect bedside lamp for those whose iPhone also doubles as their alarm.

Goldman Lamp by Ron Gilad

The modern lighting design to receive this upgrade is the Goldman by Ron Gilad. The Goldman is the Gilad's interpretation of the traditional library/bankers lamp named after a certain investment bank. At the back of the base is a plug for USB cables so you can charge your device via the lamp and de-clutter your desktop.

Goldman Table Lamp by Ron Gilad

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