Light It Up: Light and Safety

Light It Up: Light and Safety

31st Jul 2018

From your porch light to the pendant over your kitchen counter, lights lend to the overall safety within and around your home.

Porch Light 

A porch light enables safe passage across steps and walkways to your front door, allows you to see anyone standing outside, and indicates to passersby that you are home. And, it’s easier to find your keys when the light is on.

Kitchen Lighting

When you’re working with knives, you better have light. Pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting are a popular choice in kitchens because they look great and also facilitate work with food prep.

Exterior Lighting

Illuminating the outside of your home doesn’t just make it look picture-perfect—it provides an important measure of safety. Lighted pathways and sensor lights make it easier to find your way at night, and help prevent injuries.

Garage/Work Space 

Properly lighting your workspace when using tools is essential to preventing injury. Direct lighting—from lamps to floodlights—should be incorporated into your toolbox.

Light Safety 101: How to Stay Safe When Working with Light

  • Be wary of overloading outlets and using too many surge protectors.
  • When moving into a new home, have lights and outlets inspected and tested.
  • Make sure your wiring is up to date and able to accommodate your light fixtures.
  • Check switch plates periodically. If they feel hot to the touch, consult a professional.
  • Have a professional install lights that include interior wiring.
  • Always use the proper bulb size for your light fixtures.
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