Konstantin Grcic – Making Miracles Happen, One at a Time

Konstantin Grcic – Making Miracles Happen, One at a Time

2nd Feb 2016

Artificial light is magic.

Only a true lighting aficionado can say something like this. And Konstantin Grcic is way more than just a lighting design enthusiast. Given his solid educational background, a vision that is distinct and yet relatable, and an illustrious repertoire of projects, it is no surprise that his name is taken in the same breath as that of masterful designers around the world.

Born in 1965 in Munich, Germany, Grcic l cabinetmaking at Parnham College, United Kingdom, before earned acquiring a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art in London. By his own admission, he had always ‘dreamt of becoming a boat builder, but never lived anywhere near the water.’ It was only when his sister gave him the Electa book about Achille Castiglioni that he started dreaming of designing other objects (including bicycles).

Konstantin Grcic has deep roots in the art of making. Whether you talk about his early career as an antique furniture restorer, or his hands-on training in cabinetmaking; Grcic has developed a design vernacular that can be recognized as one of today’s finest.

He founded his firm, KGID (Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design), in the year 1991, through which he has earned numerous award-winning products, including lighting designs, furniture and more.

Awards and Recognition

Having worked with leading design houses and establishments around the globe, his awards cabinet is plush with several international honors.

  • Compasso d’Oro for Mayday lamp, 2001
  • Designpreis Deutschland for Chair ONE, 2006 (Government of Germany)
  • iF Design Award, 2006
  • Best of the Best Red Dot Award, 2006
  • Designpreis Deutschland for Miura stool, 2007 (Government of Germany)
  • Royal Designer for Industry, 2009 (Royal Society for the Arts)
  • Designer of the Year, 2010 (Design Miami)
  • Compasso d’Oro for Myto chair, 2011
  • Best of the Best Red Dot Award, 2011
  • Best Designer of the Year, 2016 (Salone del Mobile, Milan)

He was also awarded the Personality distinction for his achievements by the German Design Council in 2016. Apart from being exhibited at diverse expositions across continents, many of Grcic’s productions feature in permanent collections in museums such as:

  • Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
  • Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein
  • Chicago Art Institute

As a thinker and designer, Grcic focuses on the process just as much as he puts thought into his ideas. Known for his simplistic, minimalistic and logical creations, Konstantin Grcic emphasizes on achieving diligent design that uses clean lines and serves a specific purpose.

Most Beloved Lighting Designs for FLOS

Threading the needle between restraint and playfulness, Grcic’s signature style has become synonymous with his work with FLOS.

  • May Day

The May Day lamp, Grcic’s first design for FLOS, is an unapologetically honest lamp. With an exaggerated hook/handle acting as a cord winder, and a cord itself acting as a decorative feature, every detail of May Day is necessary for the design’s visual and functional success. The May Day is a visually-pleasing lamp that is a great solution for closets or hard-to-light spaces.

May Day Portable Modern Table Lamp by Konstantin Grcic

  • OK Light

The elegantly-exposed OK Light is a modern pendant lamp by FLOS. This pendant light is another fantastic example of Grcic’s genius. A mounting cord runs from ceiling to floor and is adorned with a LED disc, capable of swiveling 360 degrees. Taking a cue from May Day, OK is a thoughtful progression that uses the latest in lighting technology to elevate its design.

Konstantin Grcic's OK Lights- Modern Pendant Lamp

  • Noctambule

Popularly referred to as the night owl, Noctambule lamp is one of Grcic’s latest creations for FLOS. The lamp makes use of carefully-calibrated LED technology that makes this piece seem like an innocuous decorative piece until it lights up. Delicately positioned at the junctions of the lamp’s modules or units, Noctambule is the epitome of intelligent design that not only breaks the norm, but also brings together geometry, art, logic and utility together like never before.

Noctambule Contemporary Pendant Lamps by Konstantin Grcic

It is quite difficult to understand or decipher what goes on inside Konstantin Grcic’s mind, but it is fair to say that his inimitable creations are a blend of his inclination towards architecture, history, art, materials and a dash of creative lunacy.

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