Jasper Morrison: Creating Beauty with Everyday Objects

Jasper Morrison: Creating Beauty with Everyday Objects

3rd Feb 2016

Jasper Morrison

It is difficult to condense the greatness of a prolific designer like Jasper Morrison who has designed objects as varied as furniture, tableware, kitchen appliances, wrist watches, clocks, shoes, and even door knobs, into one article. The world knows him as a product and industrial designer, but we know better. For us, he is an artist who can infuse beauty and elegance into the most mundane of things.

Education & Early Career

Born in London, England in 1959, Morrison received his early education at the iconic Bryanston School known for its liberal and artistic ideals. He graduated from the Kingston Polytechnic Design School with a Bachelor of Design degree in 1982 and went on to receive a Master’s degree in Design from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1985.

Morrison also studied at the Berlin University of the Arts on a scholarship and in March 2007, was awarded an honorary doctorate in design from Kingston University.

In 1986, he set up his office for design in London. His work put him in the spotlight early on when it was included in the Documenta 8 exhibition in Kassel, Germany, in 1987. The next year, he was invited to present his exhibits – “some new items for the house, part I” – at the DAAD Gallery in Berlin.

Over the years, he designed a variety of products for international furniture companies like Vitra and Cappellini; home furnishing store SCP in London; and town planning projects under the umbrella of Utilism International. His work led him to collaborate with many designers and won him prestigious projects across Europe. In 1998, he went onto establish what turned out to be a long-running relationship with FLOS, when the lighting company revealed a Morrison masterpiece – the glass-and-steel Glo-Ball Lights – which was an instant success and became a perennial bestselling series of lamps in the company catalog.

Designer par excellence

Glo-Ball Lights by Jasper Morrison

Morrison’s designs have been included in many exhibitions over the years, receiving both praise and awards. His solo exhibition for FLOS was held at the Yamagiwa Centre in Tokyo. Some of our bestselling products have been created by this very talented designer.

A pioneer for using advanced technology to develop mass-manufactured products (his gas injection technology to create continuously smooth surfaced furniture being a case in point), Morrison works with clients the world over from his three design offices in London, Paris, and Tokyo. He also has a retail shop in London and a website selling everyday products designed by him, including his latest publication, "A Book of Things", one of several books he has published on the subject of design. The official launch party was held at the FLOS showroom in Milan in April 2015.

Superloon Floor Lamp by Jasper Morrison

Co-founder of the super-normal design, which celebrates the humble side of design, Morrison believes in creating unpretentious objects that, in his words, “do their job without messing up the atmosphere.”

Design by Jasper Morrison

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