Intimate Bathroom Lighting Ideas that You'll Love

Intimate Bathroom Lighting Ideas that You'll Love

3rd Feb 2016

Though the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, there is a growing trend to no longer treat it as it is no longer the cramped and purely functional space that it used to be. In many homes, the bathroom has been transformed into a luxurious and private space in which that people use as their private retreat to relax and recharge.
The "character" of a bathroom has, over the years, changed from a shared functional space to a person's own private getaway. With the right kind of fixtures, décor, and most importantly, lighting, you can transform your bathroom into the perfect retreat.
Lighting the modern day bathroom is not as simple as fixing a single ceiling lamp at a vantage point. It requires careful thought and planning, just like the rest of your house.
The lighting in a bathroom is deeply layered and each layer has a purpose to serve. The base layer provides overall illumination to the bathroom space. In addition to that, a most bathrooms require two more layers of lighting – one to highlight a particularly beautiful feature of the bathroom such as a decorative sink bowl or an elegant painting and the another light source to illuminate areas for specific activities like showering or grooming.
Choose from the various light fixtures produced by FLOS that fits your style and taste, to set the right tone for your bathroom. Following are five of our favorite picks. We've listed the IP Rating for each of these lighting fixtures – based on the dampness of your bathroom, some of these fixture will not be suitable for the particular space you wish to install them in. For example, anything lower than IP44 is not suitable for bathrooms that get extremely damp and with heavy condensation.

1. Hide by Philippe Starck (IP20)

Hide Lamp by Philippe Starck - LED Wall Lamp

This LED wall lamp, providing indirect light, is the perfect addition to your bathroom space. The innovative design of this lamp allows it to double up as a wall shelf for displaying items like a small vase and brings a breeze of freshness to adding a decorative element to your bathroom space.

2. Tight Light by Piero Lissoni (IP20)

Tight Light by Piero Lissoni - Modern Wall Lamp

If you have beautiful tile work in your bathroom that you want to show off, install the Tight Light wall lamp. The fixture provides diffused light both above and below its body and will draw attention to your wall without being too obtrusive. If you prefer just a down or up light, then select the Long Light.

3. Mini Glo-Ball C/W by Jasper Morrison (IP44)

Mini Glo-Ball C/W by Jasper Morrison - Wall Lamp

The Glo-Ball series was created to mimic the glow of a full moon. The unobtrusive wall or ceiling fixture will give off a gentle luminosity to your bathroom, while providing a relaxing ambience. providing diffused light will add a personal touch to your bathroom. The lamp is also dimmable feature of the lamp is ideally suited for mood lighting for easy control of light output.

4. On the Rocks by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen (IP20)

OntheRocks HA Lamp by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen

According to the designer, "Ontherocks is an ice cube and shows our continued pursuit of "non-design" lighting fixtures where the filter and the light are the prevailing elements." The horizontal bar design of this wall-mounted light makes it a perfect for providing ambient or task lighting in your bathroom lighting fixture for above the mirror or cabinet. The lamp provides direct/indirect and partially diffused light. The naming of the fixture is also unique in that the word is treated as one long work and not three separate words.

5. Mini Button by Piero Lissoni (IP44) 

Designed by Italian architect/designer Piero Lissoni, who is known for his minimally designed aesthetic, this stylish wall or ceiling mount fixture provides diffused lighting. Its simple design (resembling a button,hence the naming) is perfect for bathrooms that are minimalistic, yet classy.The light Is also great for stairwells, hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms.Mini Button has a silicone elastomer dust and waterproof seal.
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