Bedroom Lighting Guide: Types, Ideas and Lamps to Inspire You

Bedroom Lighting Guide: Types, Ideas and Lamps to Inspire You

3rd Feb 2016

A bedroom is perhaps the most intimate of rooms in a house. Nothing speaks of your personality more than a bedroom. From the art adorning your walls to the furniture filling up the space – your bedroom is a sweet haven of your own unique style and it deserves equally unique bedroom lighting to make this space comfortable, cozy and warm.

Lighting is one of the most important factors contributing to a bedroom’s overall ambience. Different types of  unique bedroom lighting options are available to create effects ranging from dramatic and romantic to relaxing and functional. That’s perhaps the reason why a bedroom typically has multiple lighting options At FLOS, we are committed to offering a delectable selection of contemporary bedroom lamps and modern bedroom lighting ideas, too.

Lamps are a perfect addition to a bedroom space. You can use lamps in various styles and finishes for decorative or functional purposes. Not only can lamps be used to showcase a bedroom’s style, but they also serve as additional sources of light when you want to entertain yourself, read your favorite novel, write your daily diary, or work on your laptop.

Types of Bedroom Lighting

Here are some of the main types of modern bedroom lighting:

  • General lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Decorative lighting

Take a quick look at the types of modern bedroom lighting fixtures that you can experiment with:

  • Ceiling lights - From vintage chandeliers to ultramodern pendant (hanging) lamps, the range of lighting fixtures available in this category is quite incredible.
  • Wall sconces - Wall lights can really transform the character and ambiance of a bedroom. Wall lighting can add a certain amount of charm and elegance to your bedroom.
  • Table lamps - The good old table lamps have witnessed a whole lot of transformation over the years to serve up classy, functional and compact designs. A bedside table lamp is an absolute must!
  • Floor lamps - In case you are looking to layer the bedroom lighting with something that stands tall (literally), there are a whole lot of modern floor lamp designs and makes to choose from.
  • Under-cabinet lighting - This type of modern lighting can illuminate hard-to-reach yet important places like the insides of your closet or underneath the cabinet.
  • Track lighting - One of the relatively newer forms or styles of lighting, track lights are made for modern bedrooms.

9 Bright Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Unique Bedroom Lighting - Guns Bedside, Foglio, Smithfield C, IC Lights C/W 

Following are 9 modern bedroom lighting ideas. Created by international designers, these 9 lamps are artistic masterpieces guaranteed to lend your bedroom that "je ne sais quoi".

1.  IC Lights C/W by Michael Anastassiadesfor the elegant couple’s bedroom. Available as a wall or ceiling fixture, use it as a single piece or create a family of IC lights to add class to your personal space.

2. Smithfield C by Jasper Morrisonfor the minimalistic bedroom. The direct light this ceiling mounted lamp provides is perfect to illuminate your work corner. This unpretentious lamp is available in both dimmable and non-dimmable options. 

3. Miss K Table Lamp by Philippe Starck for the bedroom that wants a little playfulness. Put this diffused lighting lamp against a bold backdrop to create a nice contrast (page top). 

Bedroom Lights - Skygarden Recessed, Chapo, Chrysalis, Light Spring Double 

4.  Foglio by Tobia Scarpafor the artistic. The indirect light provided by this wall lamp with a sculptural form, will create an understated ambience that is perfect for a minimally decorated bedroom.

5.  Skygarden Recessed by Marcel Wandersfor a bedroom with dramatic flair. Bring out your artistic side by using this intricately designed recessed ceiling lamp to illuminate your bedroom.

6.  Light Spring Double by Ron Giladfor a bedroom lighting fixture that is traditional and modern at the same time. This wall mounted light evokes the traditional wall-mounted candle sconce that is updated for the 21st century with LED. 

Ariette Modern Wall Lamp by Tobia Scarpa 

7.  Chrysalis by Marcel Wanders is a sculptural fixture that also provides lighting. The floor lamp has two light sources, one of which projects decorative frieze on the ceiling that is perfect for creating a special ambiance.

8.  Chapo by Philippe Starck for the bedroom that needs a hat stand. The carelessly flung hat on the Chapo lends a retro charm to the room. The playfully designed table lamp provides direct light that can be dimmed to suit the mood.

9.  Ariette by Tobia Scarpa for the contemporary bedroom. This unique piece can be hung on the wall or attached to the ceiling, evoking a flying kite.

Browse through our complete range of  wall and ceiling lamps created by some of the best-known lighting designers in the world. Order now to receive our free shipping offer.

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