Commercial Lighting: Why It’s So Important

31st Jul 2018

As with any space, commercial spaces need to set the right mood, and lighting is a key part of that. Here’s why:

Customers should be, first and foremost, comfortable. They should have enough light to see details without feeling the stress of too much brightness. Brighter overhead lighting is a good way to achieve that level of comfort: It enables those in the space to see what they need to, without a feeling of overwhelm.

Lighting affects energy. White light lends to more energy—which is why you’d want it in your gym or office space. A more dim light—like that at a restaurant—promotes relaxation, and allows a customer to feel more “off duty.”

Bad lighting is bad for business. A poorly lit dressing room that doesn’t allow a customer to see what they’re trying on can be frustrating, and it will inform their experience in a way that means they may not return. In the same way, a too-dark office can create obstacles for employees to work around. Whenever possible, lighting should facilitate whatever business is happening in your space.

Lighting should be suitable for the projects being sold. For example, high color temperatures (daylight white, >5000K) are recommended for showing off luxury items with fine details. Lower color temperatures (warm white, <3000K) are better for products with red, orange or yellow tones (fruits, for example, or some clothing).

Accent lighting is useful in commercial settings a well. For example, retailers can draw attention to specific products - the latest fashion trend or seasonal products like Christmas decoration.

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