Create Your Space: How to Light Personal Spaces

Create Your Space: How to Light Personal Spaces

31st Jul 2018

Lighting your space is a deeply personal experience that ultimately comes down to preference. Here are a few tricks to getting yours right:

Choose Your Hue: Are you looking for a more energetic environment that’s suitable for work? Opt for bright, white light. Want a mellower mood? Lights that mimic warm, golden incandescent light will help you set a relaxed tone.

Do a Dimmer: Your mood changes often, and so should your light. A dimmer will help you adjust the light in your space based on your need and your desire at any given moment.

Use Your Phone: Smart bulbs and other innovations have made it easy to control lighting right from our phones. Going from a news show to a romantic movie? Dim your lights without getting up off of your couch.

Automatic Lighting Controls: The best thing about technology is that it is starting to know us better than we know ourselves. “Smart” controls within your home may seem futuristic, but they’re actually quite common. They’ll learn your habits and adjust accordingly--from dimming lights when you’re less likely to use them to increasing them as the day goes on.

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