Homey Run: How to Create Hospitality Lighting that Works

30th Jul 2018

It says it right in the name: the hospitality industry specializes in making guests feel comfortable, welcome, and, well, right at home.

The key to hospitality lighting is control, and by that we meaning giving it all to the guest. Control panels in hotel rooms allow guests to adjust the lighting as they get their body clocks in rhythm with their environment—even allowing them to account for jet lag.

Avoiding harsh lights is also important, which is why so many hotels and restaurants opt for incandescent lighting. While providing a lighting effect that feels more natural, it is also less efficient, so consider warm white LED lights with a high color rendering index (CRI) if you’re looking for a greener lighting design. Top performance LED lights now offer CRI values above 90, which is almost like natural lighting. Such a slight loss in color rendition is a small price to pay for energy savings of 80%, no?

Current innovations in lighting also make it easy to incorporate light sources into décor. For example, light patterns on wall serve as functional artwork, and luminous textiles set an ambient mood. LED lights illuminating the back of a headboard can set the stage for sleep when dimmed, while also offering light to read by when turned up.

Finally, a blend of task, accent, and direct lighting offers guests what they need, when they need it. Lastly, it’s worth noting that no other lighting source matches LED in terms of personalized customization and design flexibility. And, LEDs can adapt to any lamp shade while delivering any color output.

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