How to create a productive and well-lit workspace at home?

How to create a productive and well-lit workspace at home?

9th Jun 2020

Our experts at FLOS USA share their tips and recommendations to create a productive home office environment that functions well.

WFH Space

Brightening up your work desk (at home), here are some lighting tips on how to do so.

  • “Turn the screen brightness down and use adjustable task lights (love my Kelvin LED desk lamp) and overhead lighting. Whenever working, light from 2 sources minimum is important!” - Rick, Director of Contract Sales North America
  • “On cloudy days, I direct light towards the surface of my work desk directly using a Kelvin LED desk lamp instead of lighting up the whole room. Plus, it allows me to adjust the brightness levels." - Selysette, Digital Content Manager

Video Conferences

Here are some excellent lighting tips on the types of lighting good for video conferences. 

  • Keep the background simple and clean, if possible. When it is not, try using product background images for video calls to hide messy or busy-looking backdrops. Download background FLOS images for ZOOM.

ZOOM Backgrounds

  • Don’t be afraid to use multiple sources of light to try to find the right balance.“One direct light source on the subject and two soft diffused lights. Light from in front not from behind and minimize natural light as this creates shadows/inconsistencies (so I have found).” - Maureen, Business Development Manager
  • Avoid locations where the lighting is directly above the subject, as this may cause dark shadows.

Stay Curious and Keep Learning

Use this time at home to discover and grow as there has never been a better time with the limitless abundance of digital resources.

  • Learn more about FLOS and our latest products. Find out how to work us our on your next commercial or residential project. Schedule an appointment for any of the following e-learning modules with your local sales representative.

FLOS USA Contract Team

  • Take a virtual museum tour. Stop by the Guggenheim or the MoMA.
  • Indulge in the history of design with a good book.
  • Get inspired with an inside look at the FLOS USA team's #FLOSatHOME gallery on Instagram Stories. Get featured when you tag @flos_northamerica in the post.

See our complete, curated list of fun things to do at while at home:

In the words of Achille Castiglioni's "If you are not curious, forget it."

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