Control Freak: How to Control Your Lighting

31st Jul 2018

There are plenty of good reasons to have more control over your lighting. It’s energy efficient, it’s cost saving, it’s user-friendly, and it ensures you’re using the lighting that’s most comfortable at any moment. Even better, there are different ways to do it, ranging from the easy to the more complicated.

Timer Primer: Outlet timers are an easy, cheap way to turn your lights on and off when you’re not home. Available at most hardware stores, try one the next time you go out of town to give the illusion that there’s someone in the house.

Dimmer Winner: Dimmer switches allow you to adjust light output from 0%-100%, so that you can use as much (or as little) as you need based on the task at hand or the time of day.

Daylight Harvesting: Another bright idea: Combine dimmers with daylight sensors to automatically dim the lights in response to natural lighting.

Up Your App-titude: Smart devices in the home can make it easy to control your lights (and everything else) right from your phone. Simply pull up the app and have your electronic assistant do the dimming or try smart bulbs that are compatible with your FLOS product.

Be Sensor-tive: Installed by a professional, light sensors can activate your light sources based on the time of day, or as you enter or leave the room. It’s also safer, since you don’t have to stumble in the dark for a switch.

Control Panels: Specially installed panels allow you to adjust light from one point in your home (or via phone), and the more innovative of these will learn your patterns and adjust lights accordingly.

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