How to Create a Welcoming Foyer with the Right Lighting

How to Create a Welcoming Foyer with the Right Lighting

13th Dec 2019

Our sense of sight stimulates us exponentially – 30% of our cortex is devoted to visual processing – far more than any other sense. So, it isn’t surprising that we are greatly influenced by what we see. This explains why we put so much weight on the phrase - ‘the first impression is the best impression.’ And, this applies not only to people but to homes, too! We can safely assume that your home’s foyer is what would make the initial impression on a new visitor.

What is Foyer?

A foyer is usually a space that connects the entrance to various other rooms. You can combine rugs, paintings, furniture, and lighting to create the perfect space. This hallway is the introduction to the rest of your house. The discerning homeowner knows that the most tasteful way to decorate is to play with the lighting.

Whether it’s dimmed, bright, or dappled – foyer lighting can drastically change the mood in the room. In fact, it plays a crucial role in setting the vibe of the whole house. For your foyer, you can opt for contemporary hanging lights or floor lamps.

Many elements come into play while choosing the right lighting. And, to ensure that you choose the best one, ask yourself these questions –

  • What’s the size of the entrance space?
  • How much natural light occupies the room?
  • Are you choosing a piece for a house that’s yet to be built, or are you retrofitting it into an existing structure?

Factors to Consider


Whether you want to put a sleek  pendant light or foyer chandeliers, you first need to finalize the fixture size. Of course, this depends on your preferred taste in aesthetics. But it also depends on the dimensions of the room. For instance –

  • A space with high ceilings would look good with a grander piece, such as a 24-inch flush-mount light.
  • Smaller rooms look best with more compact, streamlined lights. Geometric lights or hanging bulbs would look good here, too.

Modern foyer lighting comes in many styles and sizes – depending upon your need, you can create a warm inviting foyer.

Overlap Modern Pendant Lamp for Foyer Area

Overlap Dimmable Pendant Lamp


The distance between your ceiling and floor will help you decide the apt length for your lighting. There should also be a space of about seven to eight feet between the floor and fixture, especially in the case of chandeliers. High ceilings can accentuate a space and with a grander piece.

Taraxacum 88 Luxurious Foyer Pendant Light 

Taraxacum 88 Luxurious Pendant Light

If there is less space, then use fixtures that direct light upwards, like floor lights or this wall sconce ceiling light . These lights will make your room look larger, your ceiling higher while adding a warm, illuminating glow to the room. You can get creative once you figure out what length would work best for you. Keep in mind how you want to position your fixtures as well.

Chandeliers are typically placed at the window level and you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing a foyer chandelier, like –

  • Area of your foyer
  • Right size for the entryway
  • Color schemes
  • Ceiling Height
  • Assessing the amount of illumination required

Wirering Wall and Ceiling Light - Foyer Lighting

Wirering Wall and Ceiling Lights


Contemporary foyer lighting comes in an array of sophisticated designs. The right one for you will depend on your room’s features. For example, if you have textured walls, you could highlight them using minimal spotlights. You can choose from Italian pendant lights, floor lights, wall sconces and chandeliers, to name a few.

According to the width and height of the fixture, you can also choose the number of pieces you want in your room. And, feel free to add matching lights in the hallway. Remember that your foyer’s brightness is dependent on the atmosphere you desire to create. Do consider warm, incandescent light to add depth to the room.

Noctambule LED Dimmable Floor Lamp - Foyer Lights

Noctambule LED Dimmable Floor Lamp

With these tips, you should be able to create a truly mesmerizing foyer, with the right amount of light and shadows at play. Do your research before decorating your space to create the perfect dream home.

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