Your Guide to Modern Hanging Lamps for the Dining Room

Your Guide to Modern Hanging Lamps for the Dining Room

19th Jul 2019

Whether you are a person who loves to spend hours on the dining table or someone who enjoys quick meals, you cannot deny the fact that the dining room is one of the most vital rooms in the house. It is a place where the entire family gets together for breakfast, enjoys dinner spreads and spends long hours talking and eating lunch on weekends and holidays.

Your dining room deserves the perfect setting, with the right lights setting the mood for your meals. Modern dining room lighting is an often-ignored part of interior décor and if you are looking for tips or advice on how to choose a light fixture for your dining room, well, read on!

While there are several modern dining room lighting fixtures available in the market, nothing quite cuts it like a majestic chandelier or a lovely row of pendant lights.

How to Light Your Dining Table and Dining Room

Designer chandeliers are a focal point, no matter what space you install them in. They instantly draw attention to the area they are hung over and add a whole lot of character and charm to the room. Chandeliers are regal, striking and beautiful – and they have a certain vintage charisma.

And then you have the ultramodern, smaller and functional version of hanging lamps – pendant lighting. Pendant lights are meant to provide targeted lighting and they work like magic in spaces like dining rooms and serving areas. They not only offer effective illumination, but also have an eye-catching appeal and are available in versatile designs and styles.

If you have your heart set on buying a hanging light or multiple suspension lamps for your dining room, here are a few things to keep in mind while taking your pick.

Form or function? Both!

Contemporary dining room lights that provide ambient or direct lighting are both, a decorative embellishment as well as the primary source of illumination for the space. Ensure that the lamp you pick packs the perfect combination of beauty and performance.

Match the décor style

You may have a massive dining area, a small and cozy room, or a dining room that shares common space with the kitchen. Whatever the layout, you need to ensure that the contemporary dining room lights that you choose complement your interior décor and add a new dimension to it. Modern hanging lamps for the dining room are available in a plethora of styles, shapes and makes, so there is no dearth of options. You can choose to draw attention to a specific part of the dining room (the dining table, for instance) with a series of linear suspension lamps or a stately chandelier, or go for layered lighting that sets an even, warm tone.

Consider the size, scale and number

This one is a no-brainer. The larger your dining room, the more the need for effective illumination. Once you have determined what kind of lighting best suits your requirements, take measurements to assess how big or small you need your contemporary dining table light(s) to be. Ideally, the lamp you choose should be smaller than the width of your dining table and must be installed at least 25 to 30 inches above the table’s surface (you don’t want tall folks to bang their heads against the light, do you?). You will also need to establish the need in terms of number – does a single lighting fixture suffice or do you require a multi-light chandelier or a row of pendants? It will also help to look at the length of the suspension lamp, in case you have a really high ceiling.

Focus on the mood and brightness

Adjusting the intensity of light output can truly do wonders to the ambiance of the dining room. Make sure you choose modern dining table lighting that is dimmable. You also have the option to install a dimmer switch on the fixture. This will allow you to define the mood you wish to set in the space and adjust the flow of light depending on what time of the day it is. You would want the room to have just the perfect amount of light – neither too bright, nor too dim.

Layer the lighting

It is not a great idea to illuminate a dining room using a chandelier alone. At FLOS, we are great believers in the power of layered lighting. Consult an expert to find the perfect mix of functional, layered lighting that can help create depth in the room. You could opt for a mix of modern hanging lamps (pendant lights or a chandelier), wall sconces and floor lamps for your dining room.

If you are wondering how to choose a chandelier or pendant lamp for your dining room, it is important to keep the aforementioned pointers in mind.

Best Modern Hanging Lamps That Float Above Your Dining Table

Versatile, alluring and easy to install, most modern dining room lamps and pendant lights offer a wide array of features and options – making your job tougher. On that note, we have handpicked some of our bestselling modern dining table lighting fixtures crafted by eminent names in the lighting design industry.

2097 Chandelier

2097 Chandelier - Decorative Hanging Dining Room Lights

Designed way back in 1958, Gino Sarfatti’s iconic 2097 hanging lamp serves as a contemporary translation of the conventional mid-century chandelier and is an extremely attractive addition to any dining room.

Nebula Lamp

Nebula Pendant Lamp - Modern Dining Room Lighting

Joris Laarman’s expertly-crafted suspension lamp features ten blown glass cones in different sizes. The fixture - ‘an otherworldly cloud of space dust’ - blends science and creativity to deliver incredible results.

Noctambule Pendant Lights

Noctambule LED Pendant Lamp for Dining Room

A creative lighting system that dynamic and powered by LED technology, this dimmable hanging lamp by Konstantin Grcic shuns norms and serves up a delectable platter of innovative lighting.

Fucsia Lights

Fucsia 12 Pendant Lamps - Modern Dining Room Lighting

With Fucsia, Achille Castiglioni, the master of lighting design, dishes out a spectacular configuration of twelve cones that offer direct and diffused light. Just the perfect set of dining room lights, if you ask us.

Taraxacum Lamp

Taraxacum Lamp - Designer Hanging Lamp for Dining Room

Created in 1960, Taraxacum by Achille Castiglioni is an enchanting modern dining room lamp that showcases twenty triangles that are fitted with sixty globe lamps, giving the illusion of a dandelion!

Contemporary dining table lamps come in various shapes and sizes, as is evident from the examples featured above. They could be made of glass, aluminum, polycarbonate and more – so when we say the options are abundant, we mean it.

At FLOS, we have an assortment of stunning dining room lamps – especially pendant lights and chandeliers – that combine form and function. Add a dash of splendor to your dining room with our lights, designed by the best in the business.

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