Glo-Ball Lights Simply Versatile by Jasper Morrison

Glo-Ball S Pendant Lights by Jasper Morrison

When Jasper Morrison's Glo-Ball lighting family was introduced by FLOS in 1999, it became one of the best-selling families of lamps in the catalog. The genius of Glo-Ball is in its supreme simplicity: a smooth white surface uninterrupted by embellishment or functional elements, an on/off switch hidden discreetly in the cord, and a pleasingly round and familiar shape. Not quite round, Glo-Ball is slightly wider than it is tall. As it is created from high quality, mouth-blown glass, the light source is completely hidden. Like the design's inspiration - a full moon glowing on a clear night - Glo-Ball appears to float magically while providing diffused illumination.

Glo-Ball T2 Table Lamps by Jasper Morrison Glo-Ball F Floor Lamps by Jasper Morrison

This restrained but effective aesthetic makes the design successful in a wide variety of scales and applications. In open or high-ceiling spaces, Glo-Ball lamps create points of interest that draw the gaze to whichever elements of the room a designer wishes to emphasize. Glo-Ball table lamps keep the focus on sitting areas and conversation, while a tall Glo-Ball floor lamp may call attention to open air and spaciousness.

Glo-Ball Basic Zero Lamp by Jasper Morrison

The full-moon effect is most obvious when the opalescent Glo-Ball lamps are suspended from above. Glo-Ball pendant lights sweep serenely over the dining table for romantic dinners, while Glo-Ball ceiling lamps float in stillness above the room, subtly enhancing well-trafficked open-plan arrangements.

Glo-Ball S Pendant Lights by Jasper Morrison Glo-Ball C Wall and Ceiling Lamp by Jasper Morrison

The possibilities for Jasper Morrison's Glo-Ball Family extend to the full reaches of the imagination. Whether combined in styles and sizes for a flock effect, or shyly winking from shelves and side tables, these lighthearted designs bring warmth and character to a room with the designer's characteristic elegance and lack of pretension.

Mini Glo-Ball Lights by Jasper Morrison

Feeling a little moonstruck? Explore the entire Glo-Ball Family, or more Jasper Morrison Lighting.

Glo-Ball Lights Simply Versatile by Jasper Morrison
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