The Simply Versatile Glo-Ball Lights by Jasper Morrison

The Simply Versatile Glo-Ball Lights by Jasper Morrison

12th Feb 2016

When Jasper Morrison's Glo-Ball lighting family was introduced by FLOS in 1999,it became one of the company’s best-selling family of lamps. The genius of Glo-Ball is in its supreme simplicity: a smooth white surface uninterrupted by embellishment or functional elements, an on/off switch hidden discreetly in the cord, and a pleasingly round and familiar shape. Not quite round, Glo-Ball is slightly wider than it is tall. As it is created from high quality, mouth-blown glass, the light source is completely hidden. Like the design's inspiration - a full moon glowing on a clear night - Glo-Ball appears to float magically while providing diffused illumination.

Glo-Ball T2 Table Lamps by Jasper Morrison - Globe Table Lamp   Glo-Ball F Floor Lamps by Jasper Morrison

This restrained but effective aesthetic makes the design successful in a wide variety of settings. In open or high-ceiling spaces, Glo-Ball lamps create points of interest that draw the gaze to whichever elements of the room a designer wishes to emphasize. The modern Glo-Ball table lamps keep the focus on sitting areas and conversation, while a tall Glo-Ball floor lamp may call attention to open air and spaciousness. The Glo-Ball floor lamp emits warm, diffused light, recreating the magic of a moon.

Glo-Ball Basic Zero Lamp by Jasper Morrison - Modern Table Lamp

The full-moon effect is most obvious when the opalescent Glo-Ball lamps are suspended from above. Glo-Ball pendant lights sweep serenely over the dining table for romantic dinners, while Glo-Ball ceiling lamps float in stillness above the room, subtly enhancing open spaces. “Super normal,” as Morrison calls them, these ball pendant lamp designs and glass ball ceiling lights provide optimal illumination in the room without disrupting the natural character of the spaces they are installed in.

Glo-Ball S Pendant Lights by Jasper Morrison   Glo-Ball C Wall and Ceiling Lamp by Jasper Morrison

The possibilities for Jasper Morrison's Glo-Ball Family extend to the full reaches of the imagination. Whether combined in styles and sizes for a flock effect, or shyly winking from shelves and side tables, these lighthearted spherical designs bring warmth and character to a room with the designer's characteristic clean, elegance.

Mini Glo-Ball Lights by Jasper Morrison - Glo-Ball Lamp

Feeling a little moonstruck? Explore the entire Glo-Ball Family or other Jasper Morrison Lighting.

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