Give Your Home a Makeover with These Classic Table Lamps

Give Your Home a Makeover with These Classic Table Lamps

3rd May 2019

When you think of the interiors of your home, the lighting is a critical aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. In particular table lamps can set the tone for the atmosphere that exists inside a room or in one section of a room.

People often overlook or underestimate the power and magic of lighting. It is important to remember that lights are an essential part of home décor. They not only function as sources of light for various purposes – including ambient, task and accent lighting – but also add a dash of luxury, warmth and character to the milieu.

If you are in the process of redesigning your home, giving it a makeover, or starting from scratch with a new one, here are some classic table lamps that can add a new dimension to the aesthetics and functionality of your rooms.

5 Amazing Table Lamps for Your Home

1. Snoopy – A classic design combines clean lines with playfulness

Snoopy Classic Table Lamp

Let’s begin with this quirky little table lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni to pay tribute to Snoopy. Infusing the affable characteristics of the beloved cartoon character into this table lamp, the Castiglioni Brothers created a masterpiece. Providing direct light, the table lamp comes with a Carrara marble base, thick glass disk, enameled reflector and internal dimmer. Snoopy table lamp is an interesting and uniquely-shaped piece that sits well on study tables, office desks, bedside tables and coffee tables.

2. Piani – A versatile table lamp

Piani Modern Table Lamp

With an objective to give everyday objects a chance to shine, this contemporary table lamp is the creation of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The brothers, known for their distinct designs, crafted the  Piani Lamp with a flat base that serves as a useful tray. Its triangular beam of light works like a mini spotlight, highlighting any object that you place on the base. The top table lamp, just like the base, is flat; Aesthetically speaking, this adds an element of symmetry, parallelism and balance to the design. The non-dimmable table lamp is available in multiple colors of plastic or basalt stone.

3. Chapo – Hats off to this design

Chapo Stylish Table Lamp

For all Hollywood aficionados, here is a classic table lamp that is made to impress. The handsome vibes that the  Chapo Lamp exudes are second to none. Crafted by Philippe Starck, the light features a Soft Touch technology-powered optical switch on its dimmable base. Suave and elegant, this among the best modern table lamps available in the market. Another fantastic feature of this product is that it doubles as a USB charger. For those you love all things retro and dramatic, it doesn’t get any better than the Chapo.

4. Ray T – Your Personal Lighthouse, Inside Your House

 Ray T Classic Table Lamp

Rodolfo Dordoni, a name that has become synonymous with inventive lighting design, designed a classic table lamp that is practical and beautiful in equal measures. Part lighthouse, part power pylon, the  Ray T is Dordoni’s fresh perspective on an iconic shape. This amazing table lamp has been among the bestselling designs at FLOS and continues to impress with its classic edge. With color options on the diffuser (aluminum or glass), the lamp’s steel tube structure is welded, brushed and chrome-plated.

5. Goldman – A classic banker’s lamp gets a modern upgrade

Goldman Contemporary Table Lamp

Ron Gilad’s sophisticated, elegant creation is inspired by the legendary banker’s lamp. Suited for chic interiors, this sleek table lamp comes equipped with an aluminum frame and built-in USB plug in its base. The  Goldman’s diffusers are made of clear methacrylate, a technological twist introduced in this iconic design.

FLOS offers a wide selection of the  best modern table lamps created by renowned designers from across the globe. The secret to outfitting your home with the right table lamps is assessing your needs and then gauging what kind of lighting will go with the rest of your décor. With so many options available, you can make the space your own.

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